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Child positioning watch child card smart phone bracelet security students can call anti-lost GPS

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  • Brand: saiwk / 赛 威 客
  • Model: Q50
  • (Basic version) grass green (basic version) sky blue (upgraded version) sky blue (upgraded version) rose red (basic version) grass green
  • Series: official standard

Mother 's good helper, the child' s good guardian

Because taking into account the various regional tariffs are different, Pro-you pro-handling their own local Mobile or Unicom family phone card (family cards each other to call free monthly general 3 - 5 a month Mobile Unicom will be presented 50-200M flow normal use 30M traffic is enough)


  • For people Elementary and Secondary School Childrenyear old)

    Support mobile Unicom (2G, 3G, 4G) mobile phone APP support Andrews, Apple

    After-sales warranty Two-year warranty
  • Warm Tips: the surface of the screen with a layer of the film, not scratch, the film posted a very good little look out of the film, you can carefully scraping the edge of the screen, you can open the film, but do not recommend tearing the film Oh ~