Shell's CD-mildew antibacterial kitchen husk vegetable food supplement sticky board cutting board chopping board fruit Korea better than solid wood

Shell's CD-mildew antibacterial kitchen husk vegetable food supplement sticky board cutting board chopping board fruit Korea better than solid wood

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: HUSK'SWARE / Shell's CD
  • Item No: H12-CB001
  • Color Classification: Small (30 * 23cm) fruit baby food supplement dedicated medium / cut (40 * 28cm) suitable for home use 2-4 large (46 * 34cm) suitable for home use [5-7] more favorable combination of trumpet + No.: Get scoop fish dish [+] more favorable combination of trumpet + L: send short handle spoon spoon + chopsticks +
  • Size: 28 * 40CM
  • Material: rice husk
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Packing: single loaded

[Explosion models Promotion buy one get one]

(Time: 2016.8.11-8.17)

1.Small cutting board (Baby food supplement / special cut fruit) send 19.9Spoon rice husk yuan a!

2.Medium cutting board (For 2-4 person households) send 68Practical rice husk yuan one pair of fish-shaped dish!

3.Large cutting board (Suitable for 5-7 person households) send 87.9Yuan upgraded version of rice husk Quartet chopsticks + Spoon one!

[Sale] Worry

[CD Shell's commitment: mold a compensable three 30 days no reason to return!!]

[CD Shell's commitment: mold a compensable three 30 days no reason to return!!]

[CD Shell's commitment: mold a compensable three 30 days no reason to return!!]

(The important thing to say three times!)

[You still use moldy cutting board do?]

Do you find, no matter what material the cutting board, with a long time will Darken , even Hairy, smelly! That was cutting board bacteria, occur Moldy Phenomena, such as not been able to clean up pollution easily cut fruits, vegetables, cooked food, thus eating cause vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness and other symptoms of poisoning.

For family and children's health, please do not use moldy cutting board!

All businesses are touting anti-bacterial mold, but who can guarantee that?

In addition to Shell's CD!

Each selection is carefully weighing process

There is no perfect product

Only you know you are more concerned about what

Only to find the shell's health first person

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you cutting board so expensive it can be cheaper!?

A: We occasionally do some activities, but the price will not change Maybe we are not so low price; however, we dare to be responsible for the health of a penny stock, to remain constant truth,.! We guarantee that this rice hulls cutting board worthy of a healthy and buy customer.

Q: Some critics say that hard cutting board, chopping sounds great, very knife wounds?

A: Only the shell's hardness close to the cutting board rice hulls steel, high density it has a strong antibacterial effect, not easy to leave marks, super clean, residue from the root to solve the mold. High hardness, toughness poor, natural acoustic sound, will hurt the knife Many people advised us to add a little plastic bar! So would not be so hurt knife cutting board, pound voice rang! But we have our own insistence, Adhere to health first! Voice always used, cuts can grind.

Q: You do not say high hardness, not easy to leave marks it with a long or how there are marks??

A: You can find a piece of steel, forced the top draw several times to see if there will certainly marks but very shallow, did not seriously look at can not be seen?!!

Q: Some critics say that is not very good, continue to cut onions and meat?

answer: You can cut But you need a knife and slowly cut a knife, a sharp knife is not easy to cut off the principle is very simple, traditional cutting board marks a knife, a knife two ingredients;. Cutting board rice husk is very hard, not easy to leave marks, need to slowly cut to completely cut off.

Q: Can you chop chop force such as chicken, ribs and the like?.

answer: Can not ! Please cut the need to cut jobs markets aunt. (Do not poke or cut with the tip, the tip will be blunt, cutting boards will leave the pit)

Q: Can biodegradable, will not be with the use of gone?

answer: will not Please rest assured that the normal use of biodegradable complex is a slow process that requires sunlight, soil, water, micro-organisms, but also a suitable environment, our kitchen does not have such conditions.

Q: What are sold online nano silver plastic cutting board, with you there any difference?

A: We are not the same, there is no comparable first. We do not have any plastic components, the material is completely different ; Second, traditional plastic cutting board only at the surface of nano-silver coating, with the daily use of nano-silver coating may be worn away, no longer have the bactericidal effect Nano silver cutting board rice hulls containing the entire cutting board in any position can be sustained potent bactericidal.

Q: Are there other brands of rice hulls see the cutting board, the price is cheaper, just like you do?

Answer: not the same, good product there is always a lot of cottage plagiarism suit (! Even a well-known domestic brands of rice husk cutting board takes us even style are copied exactly) the other brands currently on the network equipment has been tested rice hulls are added plastics ingredient, contrary to the principles of health, but please do not covet cheap to buy a plastic cutting board! Buy legal copies of rice husk cutting board, look for the shell's CD!

PS: incidental teach you a simple way to tell whether it contains plastic: fire ignited products if they contain plasticizers, there will be pungent odor, smoke drawing, deformed twisted lumps.

Q: cutting board before using how to maintain it?

A: Many people are worried about whether you want to be like bamboo cutting boards, like saline bubble, anointing with oil and the like so complex in fact completely maintenance. No, get the clean cutting board can be used directly But rice husk is a plant fiber cutting board cutting board, contains some moisture, if the family lives in damp coastal areas, it does not matter. If you live in a dry inland and north, use a damp cloth cap please complete moisturizing to avoid fiber contraction, leading to deformation of cutting board. If dehydration deformation, do not worry, through a damp cloth to cover restitution.

Q: mold compensates three is that true?

A: Yes, really! Cutting board is not moldy rice husk born Nano silver ion potent bactericidal, ultra-high density effective antibacterial, rice husk material antibacterial, antifungal triple guarantee! Rice hulls cutting board itself is not moldy, but parts of the silicone mold is possible, so remember when cleaning the back of the seismic slip silicone ring also clean oh.

Q: how could you not glue adhesion?

A: Some people have the idea that only the adhesive glue to misunderstanding, adhesives there are many, some are natural and some are synthetic. Only Shell's products are natural adhesive binder Is extracted from various plants come in order to be able to do without glue, plasticizing agent any harmful substances, we spent eight years to develop this recipe, and access to national invention patents, has passed the EU TUV, Switzerland, SGS, Japan and other international authoritative institutions BOKEN rigorous testing.

To be continued...

For family and children's health, please choose carefully not healthy moldy cutting board!