Shell's kitchen rice husk mold mildew green cutting board auxiliary food cutting board Korean fruit sticking board is better than solid wood

Shell's kitchen rice husk mold mildew green cutting board auxiliary food cutting board Korean fruit sticking board is better than solid wood

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: HUSK'SWARE / Shell's only
  • Item No .: H12-CB001
  • (40 * 28cm) for 2-4 families use 'mold a compensable three' 'natural rice husk material' 'authoritative testing'
  • Size: 28 * 40CM
  • Material: rice husk
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Packing types: single-loaded

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You cutting board good Guia! Can cheaper it?

A: We will do some activities from time to time, but the price is not changed.Perhaps, our price is not so low; However, we dare to be responsible for health! A penny goods, constant ancient unchanged, We can ensure that this paddy rice cutting board to afford to buy health for the customer.

Q: There are comments that cutting board is very hard, cutting vegetables sound great, very knife injury?

A: The shell of the rice husk cutting board hardness close to steel, high density so that it has a strong antibacterial effect, easy to stay marks, super good cleaning, from the root to solve the mold residue. High hardness, toughness is poor, natural sound, will hurt the knife A lot of people advise us to add some plastic it! This cutting board will not be so hurt the knife, the sound pound sound !, but we have their own insistence, Adhere to the health first! Sound always used, knife injury can be grinding.

Q: You do not say that the hardness is high, not easy to mark it? How to use a long time or a knife marks?

A: You can find a piece of steel, hard in the above designated several knives to see if there will be a knife marks? There must be! But are very shallow, did not seriously look can not see!

Q: There are comments that is not very easy to use, cut onions and meat?

answer: Can be cut off But the need for a knife and a knife slowly cut, fast knife is not easy to cut. The principle is very simple, the traditional cutting board knife a knife marks, ingredients two knife; rice shell cutting board is very hard, not easy to stay marks, need to cut slowly to completely cut.

Q: You can cut hard chop it? Such as chicken, ribs and the like.

answer: Can not (Please do not use the tip of the poke or chop, the tip will be blunt, cutting board will stay pit).

Q: biodegradable, will not be used with a gone?

answer: will not , Please rest assured that the normal use of biodegradable is a slow and complex process, the need for sunlight, soil, water, microorganisms, but also a suitable environment, our kitchen does not have such conditions.

Q: online selling silver plastic cutting board, with what is the difference between you?

A: We are not the same, there is no comparable. First, We do not have any plastic composition, material is completely different ; Second, the traditional plastic cutting board only in the surface of nano-silver coating, with the daily use, nano-silver coating will be worn out, no longer have sterilization effect. Rice husk cutting board Nano silver is contained in the entire cutting board, any location can be sustained strong sterilization.

Q: There are other brands of rice to see the board cutting board, the price is cheaper, with you the same?

A: not the same, there is always a lot of good copycat products to follow the trend of copying (or even a well-known domestic brands of rice husk cutting board even the shape are copied exactly the same as we!) Other brands currently on the network of rice husk products are tested by adding plastic Ingredients, contrary to the principle of health, please do not seek cheap but buy a piece of plastic cutting board! Buy genuine rice plate cutting board, look at the shell's only!

PS: to teach you a simple way to tell whether there is plastic: the product ignited by fire, if containing plasticizer, there will be odor pungent, smoking drawing, distortion, agglomeration of the situation.

Q: cutting board how to use before the need to maintain it?

A: Many people are worried about whether the same as bamboo cutting board salt water, oil and so on the complex maintenance. Do not need to get clean after cutting board can be used directly But if you live in a dry inland and in the north, use a damp cloth to moisturize and avoid the fiber. If you live in a dry coastal area, Shrinkage, resulting in cutting board deformation.If dehydration deformation, and do not worry, you can restore the status quo by damp cloth.

Q: mold a lose three really?

A: Yes, really! Paddy cutting board is not moldy , Nano-silver ion strong mold, ultra-high density and efficient mold, rice husk material mold, triple mold guarantee! Paddy cutting board itself is not moldy, but the accessories of silica gel is possible moldy, so cleaning When remember to back anti-slip anti-slip silicone ring is also clean Oh.

Q: How can you glue without glue?

A: Some people will have only glue to glue the ideological errors, there are many kinds of adhesives, some are natural, some are synthetic. Shell's only products used in adhesives are natural adhesives , Is extracted from a variety of plants. In order to be able to do without glue, plasticizers and other harmful substances on the human body, we spent eight years to develop the formula and access to national invention patents, has passed the European Union TUV, Switzerland SGS, Japan BOKEN and other international authorities strict testing.

To be continued.

For family and children's health, please carefully choose healthy moldy cutting board!