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Genuine | Nanjing Japan and China optical level DS3-E | just like level

Genuine | Nanjing Japan and China optical level DS3-E | just like level
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Huaguang
  • Model: DS3-E
  • Item No .: DS3-E
  • Color Classification: Host +5 Mita ruler + tripod host +3 Mita ruler + tripod host + tripod
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Nanjing Japan and China optical level DS3-E

DS3 series water level gauge has a variety of models to meet the different needs of users. This series of standard deviation per kilometer from the standard deviation of plus or minus 3mm. Instrument mainly used for general engineering survey,


1. Level is a precision measuring instruments, must pay attention to maintenance of its various parts of the body, so as not to lose the original accuracy, should be used before the various parts of the results, the role and methods of operation should not be disassembled.

2. When there is dust on the objective lens or eyepiece, use the soft brush without oil to gently brush off. If there is water vapor, you can use silk to wipe gently.

3 observation, should avoid direct sunlight equipment, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy

4. After using the instrument, should be part of the dry and then into the instrument box, the instrument should be placed in dry and ventilated place