Sale route Kay two-stroke outboard motor | four-stroke | outboard | dinghies | motor assault boats

Sale route Kay two-stroke outboard motor | four-stroke | outboard | dinghies | motor assault boats

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Hang Kai
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Item: Outboard
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 6500
  • Color Category: water: two-stroke 3.5 horsepower outboard cooling: two-stroke 3.6 horsepower outboard cooling: two-stroke 4.0 horsepower outboard cooling: two-stroke 5.0 horsepower outboard cooling: two-stroke 6.0 horsepower outboard cooling: two-stroke water-cooled 9.8 horsepower outboards: two-stroke 12 horsepower outboard motor cooling: 15 hp two-stroke water-cooled minor: two-stroke water-cooled 15 hp major axis: 18 hp two-stroke water-cooled minor: two-stroke 18 horsepower air-cooled major axis: 4.0 hp four-stroke outboards cooled: four-stroke water-cooled 7.0 horsepower outboards: 15 hp four-stroke water-cooled outboard: 20 hp four-stroke outboards Debon logistics Delivery deposit special film
  • Sports & Outdoors items: beach drift diving surfing water skiing
  • Time to market: Spring 2015

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One: to remind, is strictly prohibited the following ways:
1. the purpose of inquiry, the host disassemble easily damage important components.

2. aground, stranded, can easily cause damage to the host, running in the poor water quality in the cooling water can easily cause a system failure.

3. The maximum throttle for 30 minutes or more two-stroke and two-stroke machine without oil mixed easily cause burning of the piston, burn cylinder.

4. The speed change gear, and instantly fierce fuel door can easily cause the piston crankshaft gear breakage.
II: fuel lubricating oil processing:
1: Season four-stroke lubricants in two parts, plus 4-stroke gasoline engine oil in the sump, the next gear tank with gear oil.
2: Two-stroke outboard engine oil in two parts, add a two-stroke lubricant in the fuel (gasoline) in the next gear tank with gear oil.
3: Two-stroke outboards mixing ratio of oil, within 10 hours of run-in period fuel mixture ratio of 25: 1 or 30: 1, after the run-in period fuel mixture ratio of 30: 1 or 40: 1
4: northern winter gasoline engine lubricants and antifreeze gear oil shipping of break-in period 1: run-in period for at least 10 hours after the end of the running-in period should be replaced once a lubricant 2: Within 10 hours of the run-in period should not throttle control more than 40-50%, not more than 60-70% within 20 hours
Three: outboard motor start and flameout:

1: The first start should be enough to fill the tank of fuel, connect tubing (hand pump can not be reversed) and foot pump with an external fuel tank should be 2: clutch is in the disengaged or neutral position, or switch off the choke to 50% position, throttle position 20-30% speed - pull start cord 3-5 times, if not start, after 20 minutes in an intermittent rapid pull start cord 3-5 times until start up 3: turn off method is to gradually reduce the throttle minimum position, press the button to turn off the flame to achieve. avoid high speed when the button is pressed flameout, this is not conducive to start the machine again.

Four: outboards operation should be strictly prohibited calendar:
1: Water-cooled machines propeller into the water at least 40 cm or more is appropriate, prohibit dry test or test machine at a volume of 2 cubic meters a small tank, otherwise it will lead to water pump impeller for the moment and burn failure.
2: Never start the machine running without lubricant situation.
3: The machine is prohibited instant fierce fuel door, prohibited under the high-speed gear case conversion, or easy piston crankshaft gear breakage.
4: maximum throttle continuous operation time should not exceed 30 minutes, or cause burning burning cylinder piston.
5: Do not start running in weedy shallows and into the reef, stranded, are easy to damage the host computer gear, it could easily lead to poor water quality water cooling system failure.