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Kay outboard machine two-stroke | four-stroke | outboard motor | rubber boats | assault boats | fishing boat motor

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Hang Kai
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Item: Outboard motor
  • made in China
  • Tag price: 6500
  • Two-stroke Outer water-cooled: two-stroke Outer water-cooled: two-stroke Outer water-cooled: two-stroke Outer water-cooled: Two stroke 1 5 hp Short axis water cooling: 2 stroke 1 5 hp long axis Water cooling: 2 stroke 1 8 hp short axis Water cooling: 2 stroke 1 8 hp Water cooling: 4-stroke, 10-hp Water-cooled: 4-stroke, 5-hp Outboard machine Water-cooled: 4-stroke, Debang logistics cash on delivery down payment
  • Sports outdoor projects: beach rafting surfing diving surfing
  • Time to market: Spring 2015

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Production workshop:

A: Reminder, strictly prohibited the following modes of operation:
1. To explore the purpose of self-demolition of the host can easily lead to damage to important components.

2. Toujiao, stranded, easily lead to damage to the host, running in the harsh water quality can easily cause cooling water system failure.

3. Maximum throttle for more than 30 minutes and two-stroke machine does not add two-stroke oil mixture can easily cause burning piston, the cylinder.

4. High-speed shift gear, instantly throttle can easily cause the piston crankshaft, transmission gear fracture.
2: fuel. Lubricant handling:
1: four stroke The fifth quarter of the lubricating oil in two parts, in the engine oil tank plus 4-stroke gasoline engine oil, gear oil in the next gear oil.
2: two-stroke boat lubricating oil in two parts, in the fuel (gasoline) to add two-stroke lubricating oil, gear oil in the lower gear oil.
3: The mixing ratio of the two-stroke outboard engine is 25: 1 or 30: 1 within 10 hours after the running-in period, 30: 1 or 40: 1 after the running-in period
4: the use of antifreeze in the northern winter lubricants and gear oil engine.Operator run-in period 1: run-in period of at least 10 hours or more, after the run-in period should be replaced once the oil .2: run-in period of 10 hours, throttle control should not be More than 40-50%, 20 hours should not exceed 60-70%
Three: boat start and flame out:

2: The clutch is in the disengaged or neutral position, close the choke or switch 50% to (1), the fuel tank should be connected with the fuel tank. Position, throttle setting 20-30% speed pull start rope 3-5 times, such as can not start, intermittent 20 minutes after the rapid pull the start rope 3-5 times until the start .3: flameout method is to gradually reduce the throttle to The minimum position, press the flame button to achieve flameout. Avoid high-speed operation, press the flame button, this is not conducive to the machine to start again.

Four: ship outside the machine should be strict calendar prohibited mode of operation:
1: water-cooled machine into the water at least 40 cm above the propeller is appropriate to prohibit the water test machine or in the capacity of 2 cubic meters below the small tank in the test machine, otherwise it will lead to water pump impeller burned due to an instant water failure.
2: The machine is prohibited from running without oil.
3: The machine forbids the moment fierce throttle, forbids to change the gear in the high speed situation, otherwise easily the piston crankshaft, the transmission gear fracture.
4: Maximum throttle continuous operation time should not exceed 30 minutes or more, resulting in burning piston.
5: Prohibited in the overgrown shoals start running, reefs, stranded, are easy to cause the host gear damage, poor water quality can easily lead to cooling water system failure.