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Children's anti-throwing hand ring | child traction rope to prevent the loss of parent-child ring baby with a child to avoid throwing ring 1-7 years old

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Product parameters:

  • Function: Intelligent reminder
  • Brand: card Siwei
  • Model: WR520
  • Color classification: blue pink

'Safety Vibration Warning Ring'

No longer connected with the phone, do not worry about using GPS will delay the alarm!

We are so headstrong! Basic not affected by the signal!

The use of frequency hopping technology, even in the weak signal, many places where people can shake the alarm

Are you still worried that children are far away from you?

Immediately set a safe distance for him!

Standby time can be used continuously for about 7 days!

99 yuan can have a sub-ring and a mother ring, the mother ring larger

Two-speed mode, about 5 meters close model and 20 meters care mode