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Universal Omron can Fu Yu Yue nine electronic blood pressure monitor power charger | measuring instrument accessories

Universal Omron can Fu Yu Yue nine electronic blood pressure monitor power charger | measuring instrument accessories
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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Shenzhen
  • Function: Power adapter
  • Medical equipment Product Name: power accessories
  • Brand: JIACOM / Ieyasu
  • Model: Sphygmomanometer power supply
  • Value-added services: support seven days no reason to return
  • Implementation of the standard number: -
  • Registration No .: -
  • Diseases: Accessories
  • Symptoms: Accessories
  • Blood Pressure Instrument Type: Sphygmomanometer accessories
  • Applicable people: not limited
  • Applicable parts: upper arm
  • Optional hot spots: AC power supply
  • Color Classification: Diving General Fuer general Omron Universal Niching General Ai Ande General Mike Dr. General nine security big head Jiu'an Jiakang big common customers wholesale foreign trade wholesale domestic other brands Universal import blood pressure monitor and hospital high-end models
  • Production enterprises: Shenzhen, Hong Technology Co., Ltd. home

product name: Sphygmomanometer power adapter

Item Specifications:

Input: 100V-240V, AC, 0.2A, 50 / 60Hz.

Output: DC, 6V 1000mA. (Backward compatible, 500mA can also be used)

Power connector size: diameter 2.5mm, diameter 5.5mm, length 115CM.

Note: The charger for the home health special general models, excellent workmanship, solid materials, for all brands of all models of blood pressure, quality assured, please rest assured that use!

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Applicable brands:

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