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Soft silk disposable underpants | maternity pregnant women postpartum month month underwear large yards Ms. 7 loaded non-cotton

Soft silk disposable underpants | maternity pregnant women postpartum month month underwear large yards Ms. 7 loaded non-cotton
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: times silk soft
  • Series: disposable underwear
  • Model: BSR84423
  • Color classification: M L XL XXL XXXL
  • Size: other sizes
  • Number: 6 and above

7 pieces Carnival Price 9.9!
※ Recommended reason ① times silk soft, focus on one-time underwear brand!
② single independent packaging, the end of the crotch cotton! UV disinfection!
Brand Silk soft Product name Silk soft disposable lady printed cotton crotch paper underwear
Model number 07217/07224/07231/07248 Specifications 7 pieces

First, the product composition
Tough nonwovens

Second, origin
Fujian Xiamen

Third, the product size
M: 150 / 60A-155 / 64A (height / waist circumference, cm) that is 1 foot 8 to 2 feet
L: 160 / 68A-165 / 72A (height / waist circumference, cm) 2 feet 1 to 2 feet 2
XL: 170 / 76A-175 / 80A (height / waist circumference, cm) that is 2 feet 3 to 2 feet 4
XXL: 180 / 84A-185 / 88A (height / waist circumference, cm) 2 feet 5 to 2 feet 7


1, the use of Germany Lai Fen Hao homes advanced equipment production, sophisticated technology.
2, the material was superficial mesh structure, with breathability and hydrophilicity.
3, the production process to pieces of pants material stitching, according to the human body structure three-dimensional cut, fit the skin.
4, waist elastic material selection of high-quality hydrophilic latex silk, perspiration strong.
5, each trousers individually packaged, to avoid cross-infection, and the use of ultraviolet disinfection, clean health.

Why need a one-time maternal underwear?

1, postpartum prone to lochia, a lot of bleeding, easy to dirty clothes underwear.
2, the general underwear simply can not meet the special needs of the period.
3, maternal after childbirth will be tired, family members to take care of maternal neonatal will be very busy tired, underwear dirty no time to wash.
4, personal underwear so that family wash how good, too embarrassing.
5, the use of disposable underwear is very convenient, dirty to throw, it is very safe and very safe.

Bleeding and lochia discharge, with maternal sanitary napkins use. Luzu duration varies from person to person, an average of about 21 days, short can be 14 days, the elderly up to 6 weeks.

usage time
Postpartum first time to the entire puerperium use

Generally prepared 3 to 6 packs.