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To send alcohol cotton sheet '| Novo Nordisk | Diabetic insulin pen Pen 5 | Noah pen syringe

To send alcohol cotton sheet '| Novo Nordisk | Diabetic insulin pen Pen 5 | Noah pen syringe
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Product parameters:

  • made in China
  • Medical Device Product Name: Connaught and pen
  • Brand: Novo Nordisk
  • Model No. 5
  • Value-added services: 包邮
  • Implementation of the standard number: YZB / Tianjin 1726-2013
  • Disease: Hypoglycemia Diabetes
  • Blood Glucose Supplies: Blood Glucose Meter + Test Paper + Needle Combination Set Blood Glucose Test Paper + Needle Blood Needle / Blood Collector Blood Glucose Test Paper Blood Glucose Instrument Blood Glucose Accessories
  • Applicable people: not limited to children adult elderly
  • Color Category: Connaught pen 5 + 1 box OM needle 6mm (10) + alcohol cotton Connaught and pen 5 +5 box OM needle 6mm (50) + alcohol cotton Connaught pen 5 + 1 box original 6mm Connaught (7pcs) + Alcohol Wool Connaught Pens 5 + 5 Box Germany 6mm Beilang Needle (35 pcs) + Alcohol Cotton Sheet 'Danish Brand' Novo Pen 5 Insulin Syringe One (Upgraded) +50 Pieces of Alcohol sheet
  • Approval Number: Jinshi Drug Administration (Quasi) Article 2013 No. 1150001
  • Production enterprises: Novo Nordisk (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Whether it is imported: No


1. Novo pen 5 only applies to Novo Nordisk refills, please pro before the order to confirm the usual use of insulin!

2. Packaging once opened the impact of secondary sales, not refundable, medical equipment products can not be returned to the national regulations, buy the wrong, please carefully consider.

3. If you find the product after unpacking the product, please contact Novo Nordisk after-sales phone 800-810-2299 (hotline system upgrade, to bring you apologize for the inconvenience.You can call 010-59615501 or 010-59615177).

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'Note' package gift Alcohol cotton sheet Are: Medical disinfection alcohol cotton (50/1 box)