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Digital Level / Inclinometer / Magnetometer / Bubble Box / Metal Level Meter

Digital Level / Inclinometer / Magnetometer / Bubble Box / Metal Level Meter
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Dragon industry
  • Model: with blisters
  • Item: With blisters
  • Color classification: with a bubble angle instrument to open a document with a blister angle incineration vote
  • Decoration and construction content: purchase the main material


1, all metal models

2, measuring range: 0 ± 180 °;
3, resolution: 0.1 °; accuracy: 0.2 °
4, the working temperature: +5 ° C ~ +45 ° C;
6, power: CR2032 3V lithium battery × 1 tablets;
7, battery life: more than 2000 hours;
8, with 5 minutes without induction automatic shutdown power saving function;
9, used to measure the workpiece outside the angle and tilt;
10, measuring the surface with magnetic, easy to adsorb on the iron measured object measurement;
11, portable, easy to use with other measurement tools to expand the measurement range;
12, the product size: 50.8 × 32 × 50.8mm;
13, lightweight and durable, easy to carry, easy to read.

★ operating instructions

1, press the ON / OFF button, then shut down, turn off the LCD screen, then press the ON / OFF button to boot;
2, the initial state of the liquid crystal display is 0.0 °, when the left arrow shows '▲', said left high and low, when the left arrow shows '▼', said the left and right high;
3, the instrument placed on the platform, press the ZERO key, the value of zero, liquid crystal display 0.0 ° at this time measured the angle value is relative to the horizontal angle of the table;
4, the body of the bottom of the magnet device can be adsorbed on the iron material measuring body attachments, press the ZERO key to do the relative measurement.

★ application areas

This product is used for car four wheel positioning repair, woodworking machinery, machine adjustment, construction, construction machinery operations such as angle measurement of the necessary tools.

1, woodworking industry: (especially the furniture manufacturing industry) which the precise angle of cutting wood, adjust the cutting angle of the saw;
2, the automotive industry: the precise control of the timing of assembly tires, large vehicle arm rotation angle, road control, engineering vehicles leveling;
3, the machinery industry: the precise positioning of the machine tool angle, lathe and cutting table angle settings;
4, the construction industry: large engineering vehicle equipment pitch angle, roll angle and tilt angle, road bridge slope detection;
5, the communications industry: telecommunications base stations, radar antenna angle alignment, satellite antenna, television receiver elevation measurement;
6, other: biological, medical, robot and other areas need to measure the angle and control angle.