2016 Soyo SOYES H1 new ultra-thin mini children's student metal smart touch card phone

2016 Soyo SOYES H1 new ultra-thin mini children's student metal smart touch card phone

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  • Brand: VOJO
  • Model: SOYES
  • (8G Memory Version) Black (no memory version) White (no memory) Upgrade - Blue (8G memory version) Black (no memory version) (8G Memory Version) Pink (No Memory Version) Black (8G Memory Version) White (8G Memory Version) Gold (8G Memory Version)


(Promotional price: the ordinary version is 238 yuan, 8G memory version is 268 yuan, 8G upgrade version of the memory version is 298 yuan)

Double eleven to do promotions: full 298 by 20, full 198 by 10, the first coupons and then the next single!


Genuine SOYES H1 all-metal smart card touch phone mini-pocket child student phone business standby machine

Features: Stand-alone card can be a single call and receive calls, send and receive text messages, MP3, GPRS remote location, Exercise step, sedentary reminder, alarm clock and so on . Can also be connected to the smart phone Bluetooth phone on the phone after the call to answer the smart phone to view text messages, play smart phone MP3. Can be downloaded after the APP smart phone to receive WeChat QQ message, remote notification, anti-lost alarm, remote Photographing ...

New SOYES H1 high-end German quality thin card phone, Bluetooth dialer, the current easy to use a super / thin card backup phone!

SOYES S1 is a section by the German designer of a thin section of the card business card, in 2016 officially landed in China communication terminal market.Although the body is small, but functional, SOYES overall use of wear-resistant materials, such as a mobile phone in terms of the use of hand or durability, are no way inferior to Apple, Samsung, Nokia and other front-line Brand.

Appearance : SOYES H1 followed the inherent characteristics of the brand, small, thin, light, stylish and dynamic and functional ... ... SOYES design and workmanship without losing the international brand style. 'No smaller, only * small' SOYES has been committed to meet the Personalized mobile product requirements H1Of the fuselage length of only 88mm, width 55mm, its size and we use the credit card is almost visible mini-mini figure, body weight is only 38g, on the palm will not have the slightest pressure, while SOYES H1Of the thickness of only 5.2mm, while SOYES H1 fuselage material fully reflects the German solid character, high-grade narrow-edge design, titanium alloy frame looks very on the grade, texture. H1Of the positive covered with a piece of tempered glass, not only compression and wear resistance, but also has a great sense of permeability, of course, there are positive corresponding smart touchpad, with our very familiar Jiugongge touch button layout. Overall space aluminum titanium Body, SOYES H1 simple and stylish appearance, the atmosphere is the image of the endorsement of the tall.

Functional aspects : SOYES H1 is equipped with a smart Bluetooth dialer, and smart phone connected into a Bluetooth dialer, without taking out the smart phone will be able to complete the dial-up, call, answer, hang up, efficient use experience won popular.Meanwhile, GPRS remote location function is also very practical, as long as the instructions sent to SOYES H1, you can get the current location of SOYES H1, but very convenient to find people through the phone Oh, growing health awareness in the big situation, SOYES H1 also joined the health function . SOYES H1 also has a sedentary reminder function, when the set time is reached, the SOYES H1 can be used to monitor the amount of exercise, calorie consumption, calorie data, so the design of human full; SOYES H1 also has a sedentary reminder, The installation of APP and connect to Bluetooth, select the remote camera function, you can automatically open the phone's rear camera, you can automatically turn on the phone's rear camera, you can automatically wake up the phone, Click on the shot, the smart phone will automatically take pictures.As long as the Bluetooth connection is not lost, you can use this feature.Of course, feature-rich SOYES H1 is also known to bring many surprises, in addition to intelligent systems, health functions, Function, SOYES H1 also joined the FM radio, MP3 music player, remote reminder, shake and shake the song, call flip mute, and so cool innovative features, leading the mobile phone innovation.

(Promotional price: regular version is 238 yuan, 8G memory version is 268 yuan, in September to upgrade models 8G memory version is 288 yuan)
(15 days no reason to return! 30 days Baohuan new machine! One year free warranty! )

Standard accessories: * 1, power adapter * 1, data cable * 1, high-quality white in-ear headphones * 1, after-sales warranty card * 1, manual * 1

Reminder: This card phone There are two versions, the normal version and 8G memory version , So the machine is built-in memory, can not add another memory card, if you need to use the memory function (such as: listen to MP3, QQ chat, etc.), the pro-need to buy 8G version! Ordinary version does not support MP3, QQ chat function. Other features do not affect.

Another: This section SOYES H1Support China Mobile Unicom GSM card , Telecom card can not be used , Can be simple 2G Internet. Can insert the Micro SIM phone card (similar to lPHONE 4 or Samsung and other ordinary small card), if it is lPHONE 5 the kind of NANO small card, need card sets.Note: Apple's IOS system is closed , Can not use sedentary reminder and remote camera function.

(Promotional price: regular version is 238 yuan, 8G memory version is 268 yuan, 298 yuan is an upgraded version)

Double eleven to do promotions: full 298 by 20, full 198 by 10, the first coupons and then the next single!

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