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2016 Soyo SOYES H1 new ultra-thin mini children's student metal smart touch card phone

2016 Soyo SOYES H1 new ultra-thin mini children's student metal smart touch card phone
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  • (8G memory version) upgrade version - Hyun blue (8G memory version) black (no memory version) upgrade version - Hyun Blue (8G memory version) White (8G Memory Edition) Pink (8G Memory Edition) Pink (8G Memory Edition) Pink (no memory version) Pink (8G Memory Edition) Ultimate (Black Edition) Black (8G Memory Edition) (8G with WeChat QQ version) Ultimate Edition - Red (8G with WeChat QQ version) Ultimate Edition - Blue (8G with micro letter QQ version) Ultimate Edition - Red (8G with micro letter QQ version)

(Promotional price: ordinary no memory version is 228 yuan, 8G memory version is 268 yuan, September upgrade section 8G memory version (double-sided glass) is 288 yuan, 2017 flagship version8G memory with micro letter QQ ) Is 298 yuan)


Genuine SOYES all metal smart touch card mobile phone mini child student phone business standby machine

Features: Stand-alone can be a separate card to dial and receive calls, send and receive text messages, MP3 player (8G memory version only support), GPRS remote location, Movement steps, sedentary reminders, alarm clock and so on . Can also be connected to the smart phone after the Bluetooth phone to answer the smart phone on the phone, view the message, play the smart phone on the MP3. Can be downloaded after the smart phone to receive smartphone QQ message, remote notification, anti-lost alarm, remote Take pictures and so on ...

SOYES S1 is a German designer designed a thin card card phone, in 2016 officially landed in China's communications terminal market.Although the fuselage is small, but full-featured, strong signal, and strong anti-crushing ability, Especially for sports to carry, only 'business card' size. Machine quality and reliable workmanship fine, SOYES overall use of wear and tear resistant materials made of such a mobile phone regardless of the use of hand or durability, are in no way inferior to Apple, Samsung, Nokia Such as first-line brand.

Appearance aspect : SOYES H1 follows the inherent characteristics of the brand, small, thin, light, stylish dynamic and feature-rich ... ... SOYES design and workmanship without losing the international brand style 'no smaller, only * small' SOYES has been committed to meet the Personalized mobile product requirements H1Of the fuselage length of only 88mm, width 55mm, and its size and we use the credit card is similar to its mini mini shape, body weight is only 38g, on the palm of your hand will not have the slightest pressure, while SOYES H1Of the thickness of only 5.2mm, while SOYES H1 fuselage material fully reflects the German solid character, high-grade narrow-edge design, titanium alloy frame looks very on the grade, texture. H1Of the positive covered with a piece of tempered glass, not only compression and wear resistance, but also has a great sense of permeability, of course, there are smart corresponding to the touchpad, with our very familiar Jiugongge touch button layout. Body, SOYES H1 appearance of simple fashion, the atmosphere is the image of the endorsement of the tall.

Functional aspects : SOYES H1 equipped with a smart Bluetooth dialer, connected with the smart phone turned into a Bluetooth dialer, no need to come up with a smart phone will be able to complete the dial, call, answer, hang up, efficient use of experience at the same time, GPRS remote positioning function is also very practical, as long as the SOYES H1 to send instructions, you can get the current location of SOYES H1, find someone through the phone, but quite convenient. In health awareness increasingly strong situation, SOYES H1 also joined the health function The SOYES H1 also has a sedentary reminder function, and when the setting of the motion memory function is made, the SOYES H1 is a sports companion, and the SOYES H1 can be used to view the amount of exercise, calorie consumption, calorie data, and so on. , Will remind the mobile phone users to get up the activities of the self-timer remote control function of the introduction of the fear of the crowd for the SOYES H1 applause app install APP and connect Bluetooth, select the remote camera function, you can automatically open the phone's rear camera . Click to shoot, the smart phone will automatically focus on the camera.As long as the Bluetooth connection is not lost, you can use this feature.Of course, the function configuration rich SOYES H1 also brings a lot of surprises, in addition to intelligent systems, health features, self-timer remote control Device function, SOYES H1 also joined the FM radio, MP3 music player, remote reminder, shake a shake song, call flip mute, etc. cool full of innovative features, leading the road of mobile innovation.

(Promotional price: ordinary version is 228 yuan, 8G memory version is 268 yuan, September upgrade models 8G memory version is 288 yuan, 2017 Ultimate 8G memory with WeChat QQ version is 298 yuan)

Standard accessories: Mobile phone * 1, foil * 1, power adapter * 1, data cable * 1, high-quality white in-ear headphones * 1, after-sale warranty card * 1, manual * 1

Reminder: This card phone There are multiple versions, light to choose your own version , So the machine is built-in memory, can not add another memory card, if you need to use the memory function (such as: listen to MP3, QQ WeChat chat, etc.) Ordinary version does not support MP3, QQ chat function. Other features do not affect.

Another: This section SOYES H1Support China Mobile Unicom GSM card , Telecom card can not be used You can insert a Micro SIM phone card (similar to lPHONE 4 or Samsung and other ordinary small card), if it is the kind of lPHONE 5 NANO card, need card sets. Note: Apple's iOS system is closed , Can not use sedentary reminder and remote camera function.


- 2017 new flagship version (8G memory with WeChat QQ)


- Old version of the ordinary version and 8G memory version of the picture -


- September upgrade double-sided glass H1 + pictures -

- September upgrade double-sided glass section Detailed picture description -


- Old H1 Photo Description -


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