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Marine propulsion gasoline air - cooled four - stroke boat outside the machine fishing boats motor canoeing propeller hanging paddle

Product code: -13221200030
Unit price 204.72-428.63$
Sold quantity 76
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Ephraim
  • Item: four-stroke air-cooled
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 4650
  • Color Classification: four horsepower seven horsepower
  • Sports outdoor projects: beach rafting surfing
  • Time to market: Spring 2015

Note: the purchase of the machine itself does not add oil, use the 4-stroke motorcycle oil can, in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions, please add oil in strict accordance with the oil rule, no mechanical operating experience of the pro-please contact us after the operation, any Due to man-made causes of damage to the machine is not within the scope of the warranty, the need to charge maintenance costs. Machine warranty for one year (propeller, spark plugs and other loss parts are not available in the shop warranty) life-long maintenance services.