Pleasures | Set oven bakeware cake biscuits West Point home made pizza baking mold package novice

Pleasures | Set oven bakeware cake biscuits West Point home made pizza baking mold package novice

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Packaging volume: 0.02 m3
  • Brand: pleasures
  • GW: 3.6KG
  • Color Classification: A primary basis for Package B Package C Package aluminum mold for all six sets + flour sieve oil brush novice professional stripping knife E F Starter Package Deluxe Package Full Package Deluxe full meal without a full meal without electronic Whisk Deluxe full-scale luxury packages free of Whisk and electronic scales luxurious full meal + pad of silica gel golden luxury full meal
  • Item: Baking Package
  • Number: more than 12

Pleasures - for the home baking was born, only conscience baking!

7 reasons to read Pleasures have absolute confidence that you do not even have to make a second look

Do not believe? Please carefully read the description! Welcome to refute!

First, the benefits it?

The real cost

1, Pleasures luxury package containing six large mold , Basically meet all your baking needs. Only three other family die Disposable plastic items but is more useful than how can we do? Do not be deceived! Disposable products used on the throw, long steel mold used to fly!

2, pleasures Luxury Package Containing six large mold 129 yuan The other stores to 169 yuan (containing only three mold , Expensive but also 139 yuan) Pleasures straight down $ 40, non-profit impulse let more consumer awareness to find music, feel the pleasures. Purchase 1 set per person, please forgive me!

Second, so cheap, quality guaranteed it?

1, we Not only for the profits accumulated Popularity , To let love baked baking friends together to share and learn.

2, Lynx quality, 50,000 deposit to the Lynx platform

3, All products have passed quality and safety monitoring agency inspection , Food grade safety material

4, unpacking receipt on the spot, Dissatisfied with the quality, return directly from the courier, do not accept any courier

(How dare someone committed there? Limited luxury package to enjoy this service)

Third, every business so boast, I praise you believe it?

1, we never rely on cash back to force you to give us praise. Just want to use Most real reviews Consumers want to buy a reference.

2, do not return home praise + blueprint additional $ 10, How to use the money to buy rating dare you believe it?

3, Taobao official ban does not allow good intentions clear with praise back now, it is to allow consumers to not be bought with money won Blinded, thus misleading consumers.

4, please see the score, look no music praise back now, while other homes are now back at home, Nevertheless, Pleasures rating is still higher than other homes.

Fourth, buy back will not use, how to do?

Pleasures strengths come!

1, send purchase packages Baking Handbook (Look for musicians elaborate)

2, contact customer service to receive E-Book (Covering a variety of baking practices)

3, seeking to become members of the music, Nearly 20 Baking exchange group Waiting for you to join the exchange of learning

4, signed a senior baker, the group carried out 1-on-1 baking guide

Fifth, I do not want a whim to buy, how to do?

This product includes 30 days no reason to refund returns.

So you really worry-free shopping, do not lose a penny.

Pleasures Get free shipping insurance , Return shipping by the insurance company

Sixth, really so cheap?

1, 129 Yuanben event limited 3000, the purchase of one set per person, only to earn popularity, earned sales.

2, we do not praise back now, under the premise of guaranteeing quality, Direct profit to consumers!

3, so that the country more love baked baking friends to join us to find music community exchange.

4, I'm sorry, For client before 169 yuan to buy apologize Please contact customer service refund the difference.

Seven activity price end?

We recognize that the company is to balance the pursuit of profit, the profit has been sold 0 unrealistic. Warehouses reached the load, with same day despatch parcels packagers can not affect the customer on time and properly issued daily time of receipt, we will raise prices to reduce fat shipments to ensure timely issue orders per day!

We have absolute confidence by more than 7:00 We let you choose. Please give us a chance to prove!

Baking pleasures