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Cherry Cherry | LOL / DOTA Game Mouse Pad | Black | Small Size |

Cherry Cherry | LOL / DOTA Game Mouse Pad | Black | Small Size |
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Product parameters:

  • Material: cloth
  • (Rough surface) 283mm * 220mm * 4mm Speed ​​control plate Small size (fine surface) 283mm * 220mm * 4mm Control board Small size (rough surface) 283mm * 220mm * 4mm Speed ​​version Large (fine surface) 438mm * 355mm * 438mm * 355mm * 4mm Control plate Medium size (rough surface) 360mm * 280mm * 4mm Speed ​​version Medium size (fine surface) 360mm * 280mm * 4mm Speed ​​version Table mat Extra large size (fine surface) 90cm * 35cm * Oversized (matte) 90cm * 35cm * 4mm
  • Brand: CHERRY
  • Model: cherry mouse pad trumpet

German peripherals manufacturer Cherry released the new G80 series of small mouse pad, which is Cherry launched the second mouse pad.

Small size: 283mm * 220mm * 4mm

Medium: 360mm * 280mm * 4mm

Large: 438mm * 355mm * 4mm

Oversized: 90cm * 35cm * 4mm

-------mouse pad

In the past, due to the limited weaving process, and the characteristics of the application of products for the game field is still in the exploratory stage, so most pad there is a horizontal and vertical slip of different problems, The 'X' -shaped weaving process, which has exactly the same moving slip, has gradually replaced the traditional weaving method, making it the most widely used fabricated surface of the traditional fabric, which is no exception to the CHERRY fine-grain version of the new product.

Rough surface version is used nowadays popular large pore structure, the sneaker surface weaving process into the mouse pad development, thus bringing a distinct difference from the traditional cloth pad unique feel.

LOGO printing is very beautiful, and the edge without any glitches.

Rough surface because the surface more, so to LOGO's colloidal material left a slight trace of the texture.

It is worth mentioning that the two surfaces also use the latest cutting technology, so the edge of the mat treatment compared to the old technology under the cutting of other similar products to smooth a lot, after careful examination of the author did not find flash phenomenon.

In contrast, the use of a special process of rough surface because of the relationship between the surface weaving process, the edge is also slightly thicker than the fine surface.
The back of the non-slip rubber is a popular wave texture design, anti-skid effect is also excellent as always.It is worth mentioning that, with the edge of the cloth cutting the same perfect effect, the rubber material cross-section of the cutting process is also very good,