Cherry Cherry | Gaming LOL / DOTA catcher gaming mouse pad | Black | trumpet | tuba rough fine flour

Cherry Cherry | Gaming LOL / DOTA catcher gaming mouse pad | Black | trumpet | tuba rough fine flour

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material: Cloth
  • Color Classification: Speed ​​Edition Small (thin noodles) dashboard trumpet (rough) Speed ​​Edition Large (thin noodles) dashboard large (rough) dashboard resolution (rough) speed version number (thin noodles ) speed version of the oversized hand bags (thin noodles) handling oversized hand bags Edition (rough)
  • Brand: CHERRY
  • Model: cherry mouse pad trumpet

Germany Cherry peripheral manufacturers release new G80 series trumpet mouse pad, which is Cherry's second launch pad mouse.

Trumpet: 283mm * 220mm * 4mm

Medium: 360mm * 280mm * 4mm

L: 438mm * 355mm * 4mm

-------mouse pad

Weaving past due to limited, while manufacturers for applications for the gaming features of the product is still in the exploratory stage, so most cloth pad there is a horizontal, slip different issues, and in after years of exploration practice, you can make vertical, mobile slip exactly the same 'X' shaped knitting technology gradually replaced the traditional way of weaving, the traditional cloth surface become the most widely used production process. this is as fine flour CHERRY version of the new product and there is no exception.

Rough version is using the popular large pore structure, weaving sneakers surface into the development of the mouse pad, and thus brought significantly different from the traditional cloth pad unique feel.

LOGO printing is very beautiful, and the edges without any glitches.

Rough surface because the surface voids more, so to LOGO gelatinous material leaving a slight texture traces.

It is worth mentioning that the two surfactants also uses the latest cutting technology, the treatment effect mat edge of old technology compared to other similar products was cut to many flat, after I review the basic found no feathering.

In contrast, the rough surface using a special process of weaving because the relationship between the surface, the edges are slightly thicker than the thin side.
Non-slip rubber is used on the back of a popular wave texture design, non-slip effect is always excellent. Also worth mentioning is that the cutting edge of the same cloth perfect effect, cutting process rubber material cross-section is quite good,