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Fishing boat | Thicker hard bottom | Lu Ya boat | Lifesaving paddle

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Amoy
  • Item No .: 0614121001
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 5000
  • Color classification: One person ship + portable floating buoy reinforced two-person ship + portable floating bucket reinforced three-person ship + portable floating bucket reinforced four-person ship + portable floating bucket reinforced five-person ship + portable buoy one-person ship + foam buoy reinforced two- Person boat + bubble buoy reinforced four-person boat + bubble buoy reinforced five-person ship + bubble buoy one-person boat + inflatable float reinforced two-person boat + inflatable buoy reinforced three-person boat + inflatable buoy reinforced four-person boat + inflatable float reinforced five- Inflatable floating buoy reinforced two-person boat + plastic floating buoy reinforced three-person ship + injection buoy stainless steel awning reinforced four-man boat + injection buoy hanging hook bracket Other configuration accessories
  • Sports outdoor projects: beach drifting water skiing diving
  • Time to market: 2014 winter

The boat is made of high-tech polypropylene material, which has wear-resisting, anti-aging and anti-aging characteristics, and the hard bottom can walk back and forth.Folded and assembled, it only takes a few minutes.

Please pay attention to choose a variety of styles.

We specially prepared a number of folding ship plate samples, customers can carry out their own folding test to test the characteristics of wear-resistant folding, such as the intention to know can be obtained with the customer service.

Folding boat configuration details: (hanging frame, propeller, awning, anchor, etc. need to buy another)

One person ship : Hull one, float a pair, A pair of oars ,A large bag ,A piece of base plate . (give away Life jackets a)

Two-person ship : Hull one, float a pair, A pair of oars ,A large bag ,Block two blocks . (give away Life jackets two)

Three-person ship : Hull one, float a pair, A pair of oars ,A large bag ,Block three blocks . (give away Life jackets three)

Four people ship : Hull one, float a pair, A pair of oars ,A large bag ,Block four blocks . (give away Life jackets four)

Five people ship : Hull one, float a pair, A pair of oars ,A large bag ,Block five blocks . (give away Life jackets five)

product manual:

(1) Portable floats for the rigid PVC pipe, diameter 11 CM, Pull type ; The foam pontoon is solid solid foam, The diameter is25CM ; Inflatable floats for the rubber boat material, diameter25CM, safe independent air chamber design;

(2) folding boat shipboard reinforcement after three improvements, the first generation of aluminum alloy frame, the second generation of blue angle iron frame, the third generation of stainless steel frame, the current installation for the third generation installation is faster and easier.

Special Note: One-person ship due to the short hull, so there is no reinforcement with the ship's side!

Folding boat more accessories configuration is as follows, for purchase please contact customer service

Safety Tips: Water sports have certain risks, please pay attention to good security.

More real shot video, there is a need

please Directly with the customer service request.