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AC / DC power supply | constant current constant current APS3003D | maintenance

AC / DC power supply | constant current constant current APS3003D | maintenance
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: ATTEN / Antai letter
  • Model: APS3005DM
  • Item: APS3005DM
  • APS3005D + (23-way adapter cable) HD3005DM (send cable) display mA HD3005DM + (23 adapter + send) APS3005D + (23 adapter + send cable) APS3003D + Cable) shows mA
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower project

Please carefully see the difference between the brand model.

APS3005D 0-30V 0-5A current three display fan often turn (Antai letter brand)

APS3003D 0-30V 0-3A current three display fan often turn (Antai letter brand)

HD3005DM 0-30V 0-5A Current four display Smart fan (Baekje brand)

APS3005D power supply, voltage display 00.0V current display 0.00A

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110VNeed to be customized separately Please communicate with customer service price and delivery

APS3005D APS3003D is a single output high-precision DC power supply, with the output voltage and current within the rated range continuously adjustable, constant voltage constant current (CV / CC) automatic conversion mode, dual digital display head independent display output voltage and output current , A variety of protection features, including current limiting buck, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, designed for use in factory production lines, maintenance, commissioning, laboratory and other places, but also the communications industry instruments.

The main function
performance: Constant voltage / constant current working mode.

Adjust the voltage and current.
Protective function:● Overload protection function ● Overheat protection function. ● Short circuit protection function.
Insulation resistance:Insulation resistance: ≥7MΩ (test conditions: input to ground 500VDC / 5s)

1. manual
2. Power cord

Constant voltage constant current CV / CC principle description
The device can be automatically converted in constant voltage constant current mode, its state depends on the load current and limited current value of the comparison results.
Constant voltage mode
When the current value is smaller than the set output current value, the power supply is operated in constant voltage mode, and the constant voltage (CV) green indicator on the front panel is illuminated and the output voltage is controlled and the same value as the set value. Changes in load.

2. Constant current mode of operation (CC)
When the current value exceeds the output current limit, the device will operate in constant current mode, the front panel of the constant current red indicator light, the output current value is controlled at the set value, due to limit the output power can not be overloaded, the output voltage will be low When the output current is lower than the set value, the device will automatically change to constant current working state.

Old customer recommendation, classic reproduction

Widely used in the maintenance industry

APS3005DM (Baekje brand)

Current display: 0.000A MA shows

Voltage display: 0.00V

Range: 0-30V 0-5A
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