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Peng Yi inflatable boats inflatable boats assault boats thick hard bottom assault boats inflatable boats kayak fishing boats sports boats

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Peng Yi
  • Item No .: P-360
  • made in China
  • Tag price: 9800
  • 4 people standard with aluminum base drawing end optional 5 people standard with aluminum alloy bottom drawing optional 6-person boat standard with aluminum at the end of 4-man standard +2 red 12P boat outboard 5-man standard + 2-punch 12P boat outside the 5-man boat standard +2 red 18P boat outside the 6-man boat standard +2 red 18P boat outside the 4-man standard + awning 5-man standard + awning 6 With + awning 5-man boat standard +2 red 6.5P boat outside the machine 6-person aluminum with 2-punch 15P import machine set
  • Time to market: fall 2015

Material: South Korea imported 0.9T1000D / PVC fabric Korean imports of glue (5550)

Factory standard: A pair of aluminum alloy boat pulp, a hit Cylinder, a maintenance tube a manual

Baby simple analysis

1. The inflatable air cylinder of the yacht is divided into three independent air chambers, separated by a high air tightness, in any 1 chamber breakage, the other part still maintain sufficient buoyancy, the whole boat has a good resistance to Shen,
2. Hull with embedded gas plug, beautiful and safe;
3. Boat with a keel, to ensure driving speed;
4. Clamp structure is more solid, durable; around with a grasping rope, aluminum floor, more comfortable, solid;
5. The whole ship imported hand-made pure glue;
6. Easy to install and use

Marine engines A lot of power models, optional matching models

Shipping Instructions

Because the rubber boats for large items, can only send the corresponding logistics company (Can not be made express, overweight, express not received ) , To the nearest logistics depot in your city.