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Futian Outdoor Receiver FD-9 Laser Level Green Light Receiver FD-6G Line Projection Detector

Futian Outdoor Receiver FD-9 Laser Level Green Light Receiver FD-6G Line Projection Detector
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fukuda
  • Model: FD-9
  • Item No .: Receiver
  • (Glove) FD-9G green light receiver (glove) FD-9G green light receiver (glove) FD-9G green light receiver (glove) FD-9G green light receiver
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Laser marking instrument of the detector series

----- FD-6 FD-9 FD-9G

The laser marker / receiver, also known as a detector, can be invisible or weak in the laser A laser line is received.

Working radius of up to 50 meters.

Foton laser level with all the machines with 'P' function.

FD-6 FD-9 is a red light receiver, the function of both is the same. FD-6G is green light receiver.

The appearance of the red light receiver FD-6 and the green light receiver FD-6G is similar


1, 3-side indicator light display

The front, side, and rear high-intensity indicators indicate the laser line position

2, idle automatic shutdown

When the detector does not receive any laser line, and for 6 minutes without pressing any key will automatically shut down to save power

3, low-voltage alarm

When the battery voltage is low, the power indicator will flash to notify the user to replace the new battery as soon as possible

Applicable industries:

Construction: standard horizontal line, window angle, door angle, the angle of the stigma.

Engineering monitoring: window angle, door angle, stigma angle detection, the detection of horizontal points.

Engineering decoration: installation of doors and windows, staircase handrail installation, pipe installation, ceiling.

Home decoration: wall tiles stickers, platen installation, background installation, woodworking and decorating

Performance parameters

Corresponding model: Foton Laser Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. Matching the original vote-line instrument

Detection range: 1 to 50 meters horizontal, vertical 1 to 50 meters (in line with the use of environmental requirements of the case)

Detection accuracy: high precision ± 1.5mm, low accuracy ± 2.5mm

Power: 9V laminated battery

Dimensions: 146 x 68 x 28mm (FD-6 FD-6G) /165mm * 52mm * 26mm (FD-9)

Weight: about 160g (including battery)

Timing shutdown time: 6 minutes

Receiver batches less than the color of the receiver there are a variety of special needs, please note

Detailed use:

1, the detector placed or fixed in the need to draw the end of the line, such as the distance, it is recommended that someone operate the detector.

2. Turn on the detector and press the ON / OFF button. If you do not need a voice prompt, turn off the sound.

3, the vertical line as an example to introduce the use of the detector: the Fukuda laser level power switch is turned on, to light the vertical line of laser injection, while the control panel 'OUTDOOR' key lit in order to detect & Lt; / RTI & gt;

4, the level and the detector from the use of more than two meters, so that you can see the existence of the laser line.In practical work due to outdoor or indoor light is too strong, you may not see the laser line.Turn the laser level, When illuminated to the laser receiving window (red rectangular box), the indicator light and voice prompts do not respond.

5. When the laser beam is irradiated to the left side of the laser receiving window, the red indicator flashes and the audible alarm beeps intermittently. It is recommended that you use the trim function on the level to accurately move the vertical line to the left Center position of the window (position set by the user)

6, when the laser light to the laser receiver window when the middle (you set the location) in the middle of the green light is on, and the voice prompts issued a long beep alarm sound.

7, when the laser beam to the laser receiver window to the right, the yellow indicator flashes, while the voice prompts beep intermittent alarm, it is recommended that you use the level of fine-tuning function to accurately move the vertical line to the left and right to receive Center position of window (position you set)

8, the machine side and reverse are equipped with no lights, to facilitate operation

Note: Receiver for the level of accessories, manufacturers are not equipped with instructions.


1, although the detector has a waterproof and dustproof capacity, but please try to avoid wet and dusty environment for long-term use

2, please keep the receiving window clean, and be careful not to squeeze, otherwise the window is easy to break

3, the detector without permission shall not be demolished or modified, or at your peril

4, please do not keep the detector in high temperature environment, the detector storage temperature is -20 ~ 60 ℃

5, please do not let the detector by severe shock or vibration

6, please do not press the button

7, please use a clean soft cloth to clean the surface of the detector water and dust, can not use detergent or gasoline scrub

8, a long time not to use the detector should be out of the battery

9, please do not in strong electromagnetic field or high reflection light environment

10, the detector is also strong on the fluorescent lamp, sunlight, flashing light and alternating wave signal induction, these signal sources will affect the actual measurement of the detector to produce a certain error