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US HZT electronic analytical balance 0.1g / 0.01g / 0.001g precision gold jewelry scale laboratory

US HZT electronic analytical balance 0.1g / 0.01g / 0.001g precision gold jewelry scale laboratory
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Product parameters:

  • Color classification: 300g / 0.01g with windshield weight 600g / 0.01g with windshield weight 1kg / 0.01g with windshield weight 2kg / 0.01g with windshield weight 200g / 0.01g with windshield weight 500g / 0.01g with windshield weight 3kg / 0.01g square with windshield weight 100g / 0.001g with windshield weight 200g / 0.001g with windshield weight 300g / 0.001g with windshield weight 3kg / 0.1g square Plate without weight windshield 5kg / 0.1g square plate without windshield weight 10kg / 0.1g square plate without windshield weight 2kg / 0.1g disc without windshield weight 3kg / 0.01g square plate is not With wind shield with weight

Note: This section is 0.01g, the picture is thousands of bits of the picture, the appearance of the same, please know.

Product Details

Brand: Huazhi

Model: HZT-A (glass cover)

Weighing pan size: 100g-600g: 128MM

1kg / 2kg as: 138MM

3kg is: 156 * 156MM

0.001g weighing pan: 80 * 80MM

Scale body size: 270 × 190 × 265MM

power supply: Cross-use dual-use (you can plug in the battery can be put)

Accessories: adapter, weight, brochures, certificate, glass windshield

You can set the object weighing function;

There are four units of grams, carats, pounds, ounces;

company profile

Fuzhou Huazhi Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. is a partner enterprise of HZ (US HZ) Electronics Co., Ltd., a partner company in mainland China. The company specializes in the manufacture and marketing of related instruments such as weighing measuring instruments and water quality analysis. Through its continuous commitment to providing quality products and perfect application solutions for customers around the world, Huazhi PT (Puerite) products will be in industrial, agricultural, experimental institutions, teaching, jewelry and special industry applications.

Huazhi PT (Pu Site) series can correspond to the needs of customers using OEM way for customer orders to produce, to meet different customer needs.

Standard balance HZT-A

The balance has been applied for appearance patent, number: 200730139667.0


With backlight display
Weighing time ≤ 3second
Full range of products AC and DC two
Set the object weighing function
There are four units of grams, carat, pound, ounce.
Optional RS232 communication port to connect peripherals
Optional built-in DC rechargeable function

Optional external display function

model HZT-A300 HZT-A200 HZT-A300 HZT-A300 HZT-A300 HZT-A300
Range(g) 110 210 310 510 610 1100 2100 3000
readability(g)0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
Repeatability (G) ± 0.01 ± 0.01 ± 0.01 ± 0.01 ± 0.01 ± 0.02 ± 0.02
Linearity error (G) ± 0.02 ± 0.02 ± 0.02 ± 0.02 ± 0.02 ± 0.02 ± 0.03 ± 0.03
Operating temperature range () 5-35
The size of the disk (Mm) Φ128 Φ128 Φ128 Φ128 Φ128 Φ138 Φ138 156X156MM
Dimensions (Mm) 270 × 190 × 75
Boot up (minute) 10-20

HZY / HZT / HZQ / HZF series

Electronic balance manual

HZY / HZT / HZQ / HZF Series balance: the inner core motherboard chip originating in the United States by the United States HZ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. authorized the Chinese mainland China Science and Technology Co., Ltd. assembly production. Production process by the United States HZ The company fully monitors to ensure the integrity of each product.

Please read this manual carefully before use to avoid proper damage to the balance.

First, the balance button function

ON / OFF - 'power button UNITSW - 'Unit conversion' key

TARE - 'Peel' key MODE - 'Mode' key CAL - 'Calibration' key

Second, the balance installed

Put the balance on a stable flat table and avoid vibration of the balance. Strong airflow and electromagnetic interference. Before installation: Be sure to "turn the red sensor screw counterclockwise" and keep it in place for the next time you move the balance.

Third, the balance boot

Connected to the power supply or installed 12VDry battery ON / OFF 'Switch' key to display 'maximum weighing value' ' wait 3- 5Seconds (depending on the working environment) after the show '0- 0.0- 0.00- 0.000' Of the weighing mode.

Fourth, balance calibration

1, Turn the balance power on 10- 30Minutes after the different (depending on the type of warm-up time difference)

2, Calibrate the balance: in the balance does not load any object in the case, long press'CAL Calibration 'button, about 5Seconds show ' CAL - 'will be released and the' calibration weight value 'will be displayed at the moment. At the moment, the weight of the' calibration weight value 'will be placed on the weighing pan and wait for a few seconds to show' calibration weight value ' After the first time you use the calibration, there is a slight error. Please recalibrate several times or perform the linear calibration according to the above procedure.

3, The balance of linear calibration: the balance does not load any object in the case, long press' CAL - 'key hold, about 5Seconds show ' CAL - 'when the release, and then long press'MODE Mode 'button, about 5After the second show the corresponding line of the corresponding linear calibration value, flashing the number that should be loaded weight value, to be loaded after the digital value is no longer flashing, then the balance has been recorded in the paragraph of the linear value, remove the weight to wait for the next paragraph Flashing the digital calibration value, and then load the corresponding weight value, until the balance after the weight automatically zero, then the linear calibration is completed.

Fifth, the balance count operation

1, The balance count: in the balance standby (with the container should be peeled) show '0.0or 0.00' After short press'MODE Mode 'key to display'10' Flashing, the lower right corner shows the 'g'Converted to'Pcs For higher counting accuracy, when entering the count mode (display '10' Flashing) every short press'CAL Correction 'key will be a set to set the numerical value (from 10-20- 50- 100- 150- 200- 250- 500) Between the cycle, select a digital value, put the corresponding count, the short press'MODE Mode 'key, it has been confirmed to enter the count function.

2, Exit the count function directly short press'MODE Mode 'key to restore the standby state can be.

Six, balance unit conversion operation (HZF Series without unit conversion function)

dog 'UNITSE Unit 'key, each press one time followed by the display,'CT '(Carat),'OZ '(Ounces),'1b' (lb) 'g'(G)

Seven, balance 232Communication operation (optional function)

1, Communication hardware format: RS232Three-wire system, 9600Baud rate, 8Bit data bits, 1Bit stop bit;

2, The host computer command format: balance address +Command word, where the balance address occupies one byte, in binary form, the command control word occupies one byte, forASCII Code (lowercase letters). The order words are arranged as follows:

Serial number

Command name

Command control














Unit conversion


example: 16H + s , On behalf of the 16th square sampling once;

3, The next bit machine reply format: When the next crew received the host computer command, if not for the sampling command, reply XON (11H , ACK (06H)? XOFF (13H)Command; if the sampling command, then reply to 13 bytes of the weighing record, including a byte XOH (11H),A sign of a byte (positive number only outputs a space character), seven bytes of weighing data, three bytes of weighing units, one byte XOFF (13H) .

4, The balance number operation

The electronic balance adds a balance number setting function, the operation process is as follows:

Hold down the balance switch and press and hold the count key until it appears No - XXX until, XXX On behalf of the specific number, then you can press the calibration key to change the number, number change range 1- 100After setting, the controllable count key exits.

5, The host computer demonstration software operation

1) Install the computer software according to the conventional software installation method

2) Between the balance and the computer connected to the serial cable, and determine which serial port;

3) Open the software, choose a good serial number and balance number can communicate with the balance;

4) The sampling interval is the automatic sampling interval;

5) All the functions of the key as shown in the name; which prints to print the current weighing record;

6) If you save, the current sample data is saved to a user-specified txt (Text document). If you save by automatic, the word will automatically sample each data saved to this text document. Text documents can be used WORD Or notepad. Please do not use WordPad to open, so that some computers may be arranged in a neat.

8, balance the use of precautions

Before use, according to the provisions of the boot after the preheat calibration, if the weighing is not accurate need to balance the balance of the balance, do not use the environment in the explosion of the balance, failure, check the following table:


the reason


F- on the line -

overload /load

Unloading /Recalibrate

Display value is unstable

1Bad working environment

Improve the working environment

2The windproof door is not closed

Close the glass door

3Disc and the machine is scratching or having foreign matter

Clear foreign matter

4The measured items are unstable

Fix the measured object

The displayed value does not match the actual reading

1The balance is not calibrated

Calibrate the balance

2Not cleared before weighing

Press the 'peel' button

3Did not adjust the level

Adjust the level

4Appears in the battery symbol

Replacement battery

Nine, balance matching pieces

Balance host 1Taiwan, external power supply 1Only title plate 1Weight, depending on the model 0- 2One) manual, warranty card, certificate of the various 1(Note: with optional 232External function with a CD-ROM and a data cable)

Ten, balance the scope of warranty

The company's product warranty period of one year (from the date of sale) during the warranty period, the user can guarantee the card with the warranty card to the quality of the product directly sent back or returned to the original sales side for repair or replacement. : 1, The warranty period has passed; 2, Due to improper use or impact caused by the damage. 3, The balance placed in the strong sulfuric acid corrosive, radioactive material caused by the damage. 4, Open the balance without permission.