US Huazhi HZT electronic analytical balance 0.1g / 0.01g / 0.001g gold jewelry precision scales Laboratory

US Huazhi HZT electronic analytical balance 0.1g / 0.01g / 0.001g gold jewelry precision scales Laboratory

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color Classification: 300g / 0.01g with windscreen weight 600g / 0.01g with windscreen weight 1kg / 0.01g with windscreen weight 2kg / 0.01g with windscreen weight 200g / 0.01g with windscreen weight 500g / 0.01g with windshield weight 3kg / 0.01g square plate with windshield weight 100g / 0.001g windscreen with weights 200g / 0.001g windscreen with weights 300g / 0.001g windscreen with weights 3kg / 0.1g party 10kg / 0.1g weight without side plates of the windshield 5kg / 0.1g square plate without windscreen windscreen weight without weight 2kg / 0.1g disc without windscreen weight

Note: This is 0.01g, the picture is the thousands of pictures, the appearance of the same, please known.

Product Details

Brand: Huazhi

Model: HZT-A (glass)

Pan size: 100g-600g is: 128MM

1kg / 2kg to: 138MM

3kg is: 156 * 156MM

0.001g of the pan: 80 * 80MM

Scale Size: 270 × 190 × 265MM

power supply: AC-DC dual-use (you can put batteries can be plugged in)

Accessories: adapter, weights, manual, certificate, glass windshield

You can set objects weighing counting function;

There grams, carats, pounds, ounces of four units;

company profile

Fuzhou Huazhi Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. is the United States Connecticut HZ (referred to as the United States HZ) Electronics Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland business partner company specializes in: weight measurement equipment, water quality analysis and other experiments related equipment manufacturing and marketing. by constantly committed to providing quality products and better applications for global users, Huazhi PT (West Cape) products throughout the industrial, agricultural, experimental institutions, teaching, jewelry and various industry-specific applications.

We need to use OEM way Huazhi PT (West Cape) series may correspond to the customer for the customer order, to meet different customer needs of the business.

Cheapest product we do not, we are only cost-effective products. There is no best product, only better products, so we Huazhi (West Cape) who will continue the spirit of exploration, so that the products do better!

Standard Balances HZT-A

The balance has applied for appearance patent number: 200730139667.0


Display with backlight
Weight stabilization time ≤3second
Full range of products AC and DC two
Setting objects weighing counting function
With grams, carats, pounds, ounces of four units.
Optional RS232 communication port to connect peripherals
Optional built-in rechargeable DC function

Optional external display function

model HZT-A100 HZT-A200 HZT-A300 HZT-A500 HZT-A600 HZT-A1000 HZT-A2000 HZT-A3000
Range(g) 110 210 310 510 610 1100 2100 3000
readability(g)0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
Repeatability(g)±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.02 ±0.02
Linearity error(g)±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.03 ±0.03
Operating Temperature Range() 5-35
Pan size (Mm) Φ128 Φ128 Φ128 Φ128 Φ128 Φ138 Φ138 156X156MM
Dimensions (Mm) 270 × 190 × 75
Warmed up (minute) 10-20

HZY / HZT / HZQ / HZF series

Electronic Balance Instruction Manual

HZY / HZT / HZQ / HZF Balances: the inner core chip board originating in the United States by the United States HZ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. authorized Chinese mainland, Chi Scientific Instrument Co. assembly. Production process by the United States HZ Company comprehensive monitoring to ensure the integrity of the quality of each product.

Please read before using this manual for proper operation to avoid damage to the balance.

First, the balance function keys

ON / OFF - 'power button UNITSW - 'Unit Conversion' button

TARE - 'Tare' key MODE - 'Mode' key CAL - 'Calibration' key

Second, install the balance

The balance on a stable flat bench, balance should avoid strong vibration and electromagnetic interference stream before installation: Make sure 'counterclockwise' red sensor loosen the screws and keep them handy for next time handling day usually use!.

Third, the power balance

Plugged in or fitted 12VBatteries. Press ON / OFF 'Switch' button to display 'maximum load value ' wait 3- 5Sec (depending on the work environment) after the show '0- 0.0- 0.00- 0.000' Weighing mode.

Fourth, balance calibration

1The balance power on preheated 10- 30After minutes (depending on the model preheat time vary)

2Calibration balance: In the case of the balance without loading any objects, press'CAL Calibration 'key, it was about the 5Seconds after the show '- CAL - 'When released later flashes' calibration weight value', at the moment with the flashing 'calibration weight value' of weight placed on the pan, wait a few seconds to display 'calibration weight value', remove the the balance weight to be displayed again '---' after auto zero, the correction is completed. after the first time there is a slight error calibration, according to the above procedure several times recalibration or linear calibration.

3The balance linear calibration: In the case of the balance without loading any objects, press' - CAL - 'Key, after about 5Seconds after the show '- CAL - 'When you release, and then press'MODE Mode 'key, after about 5Display segments corresponding linear calibration seconds, the blinking digit value means that the weight to be loaded after the digital value to be loaded is no longer flashing, the balance of the memory segment has a linear nominal value, remove the weight wait for the next period digital calibration value flashes, and then load the appropriate weight values, auto-zero balance until after the weight is removed, then linear calibration is complete.

Fifth, the balance count operation

1The balance counts: in the balance standby mode (with the container should be peeled) show '0.0or 0.00' After the press'MODE Mode 'button to display'10' Flashes from the bottom right 'g'Convert'pcs 'If you want a higher count accuracy, in the early to enter the counting mode (display'10' When blinking) each according to a short 'CAL Correction 'is the key to a digital value to be set (from 1020- 50- 100- 150- 200- 250- 500After the loop between), a numeric value is selected, put the corresponding object is counted, press'MODE Mode 'button, it has been confirmed to enter the number of the counting function.

2Exit counting function directly press'MODE Mode 'key to restore standby status.

Sixth, the balance operation unit conversion (HZF Series without unit conversion function)

Press'UNITSE Units 'keys displayed in turn each time the person'CT '(Ct),'OZ '(Oz.),'1b' (lb) 'g'(G)

Seven, balance 232Communication operation (optional)

1, Communication hardware format: RS232Three-wire, 9600Baud rate, 8Data bits, 1Stop bit;

2, PC Format: Balance Address +Command word, which address the balance accounted for a byte in binary form, the command control word one byte forASCII The code (lowercase letters) command word is organized as follows:


Command name

Command Control














Unit conversion


example: 16H + s Representative number of samples sixteenth balance once;

3, The next crew Reply format: When the next crew received PC command, if the sample command reply XON (11H , ACK (06H)? XOFF (13H)Command; if the sample command, the reply to 23rd byte weighing record, including a Byte XOH (11H),A byte of sign (positive output only a space character), weighing seven bytes of data, a three-byte weighing unit, a byte XOFF (13H) .

4The balance number operations

Electronic balance scale adds a number setting function, operation is as follows:

Hold down the Shift key balance, then hold down the count key until No - XXX until, XXX Representative specific number, then press the calibration button to change the number, range change number 1- 100Number. After setting, controlled Counter key to exit.

5, PC presentation software operation

1) Installed computer software in accordance with the conventional method of software installation

2) Between the computer and connect the serial cable balance, and determine which one serial port;

3) Open the software, serial number and choose a good balance after a number can communicate with the balance;

4) Sampling interval for automatic sampling interval;

5) All function keys as the name suggests; wherein the current print print weighing records;

6) If you press Save, you will save the current sampling data to a user-specified txt (Text document). If you press the auto-save, sampling each data word will automatically save this text document. You can use a text document WORD Or Notepad to open. Do not use WordPad to open, so that on some computers may not neatly arranged.

Eight, balance Precautions

Before using a predetermined calibration power preheat, if need be inaccurate weighing standard weight for balance adjustment, do not use the balance in hazardous explosive environments fails, check the following table:


the reason


F- On the line -

overload /load

Uninstall /Recalibration

Display value unstable

1Adverse working conditions

Improve the working environment

2. Windproof glass door is not closed

Close the glass door

3. Pan and scratching the casing or foreign body

Remove foreign

4. The article to be unstable

Fixed analyte

Displayed value does not match the actual reading

1. No balance calibration

Calibration Balances

2Not cleared before weighing

Press 'Tare' key

3Did not leveled


4Appear in the battery symbol

Replacement battery

Nine, balance Accessories

Balances Host 1Taiwan, external power supply 1Only, pan 1Two, weight (depending on the model with 0- 2A) manual, warranty card, certificate each 1Parts (Note: with optional 232External function reprovision CD-ROM and a data cable)

Ten, balance warranty

The company's product warranty period of one year (from date of product sold) the warranty period, users rely on the warranty card Oh invoice for the quality of the product or return it directly return the original seller carry out repair or replacement. No warranty : 1, The warranty period has expired; 2, Due to incorrect use or impact damage caused. 3The balance is placed in a strong sulfuric acid corrosive, radioactive substances in the environment damage caused. 4, Unauthorized opening equality days.