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Suzhou Fukuda laser marking instrument EK-436P 7-line level

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fukuda
  • Model: EK-436P
  • Item No .: ek-436p
  • Color classification: official standard official standard + tripod
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

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Repair process: installation works

Laser marking instrument, Seven-line series Three horizontal and four vertical


Horizontal accuracy: ± 1mm ​​/ 5m
Vertical accuracy: ± 1mm ​​/ 5m
The accuracy of the next point: ± 1mm ​​/ 1.4m
Orthogonal accuracy: 90 ° ± 30 "
Zenith accuracy: ± 2mm / 3m
Automatic Anping range: about ± 2.5 °
Launch angle: 110 °
Line laser wavelength: 635nm
Point laser wavelength: 650 nm
Working distance: indoor work radius of about 10m
Using the detector, the working radius of 50m
Power supply: 4.8V-6V
Continuous working time: about 6 hours
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ - +45 ℃
product manual:
★ The use of automatic Anping (gravity pendulum - magnetic damping) approach, easy to use and reliable.
★ The wavelength of 635nm semiconductor lasers, laser lines clear and bright.
★ can produce four vertical lines and three horizontal lines, with the next point.
★ 360 ° rotation with a fine-tuning body, easy to accurately pinpoint the target.
Construction: standard horizontal line, window angle, door angle, the angle of the stigma.
Engineering monitoring: window angle, door angle, stigma angle detection, the detection of horizontal points.
Engineering decoration: installation of doors and windows, staircase handrail installation, pipe installation, ceiling.
Home decoration: wall tiles stickers, platen installation, background installation, woodworking and decorating.

Complete set: product, tripod, glasses, metal toolbox (easy to carry), toolbox key, battery, instructions!

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