Memory smart thermostat heating boiler circulating pump to pump automatic temperature control thermostat switch

Memory smart thermostat heating boiler circulating pump to pump automatic temperature control thermostat switch

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Yu Le
  • Model: WQ-GD
  • Product Number: WG
  • How it works: electronic thermostat
  • Power: 220V10A
  • Thermostat temperature range: 100 ℃

Because there are two requirements for heating and cooling, so our thermostats also have 'stop hot' and 'cold start' two functions.

1. Cold start : 'When the start temperature' is less than 'stop temperature', the controller is in 'cold start' states such as: setting 'Stop temperature' of 30 ° C, 'start temperature' of 20 ° C, then when the measured temperature is less than or equal 20 ° C, the machine is turned on, running lights (green) light, power outlet at this time. when the measured temperature is higher than 30 ° C, the machine is shut down, the standby indicator (red) light, power outlet at this time. this start-up mode is mainly used for heating.

Setting memory function: The thermostat will save your settings to ensure that power is not lost when settings without additional settings.

Special Note:

1. The probe line length is the total length, due process, the probe lines are about 10 cm in thermostat inside, so the outside of the thermostat probe length than the length of your purchase short 10-20 centimeters.

2. When using waterproof probe maximum temperature should not exceed 80 degrees.

If you need to control the electrical equipment is greater than the total power of 800 watts, add another AC contactor

1. Place the instrument installed in a dry and ventilated place;
2. The controller will be installed in place of reach of children;
3. Do not open the machine from the good, there is a fault to your dealer or direct contact with the company;

4. The machine does not have the boiler safety protection, not watering, not near the fire.

The accuracy for the detection of:

Many pro buy our thermostats, the other like a thermometer at home to check our thermometer is accurate. Since the vast majority of households thermometer itself is not regularly measured correction, therefore, can not be identified as a standard measuring instruments we the thermostat is accurate!

In addition, some parents though we put a thermometer and a thermostat sensor placed inside the insulation box for testing, but the box itself is not uniform temperature, thus resulting in a large temperature difference appears.

Recommend pro doing the following experiment: the probe under your armpit folder for a while, due to the normal adult body temperature is between 36-37 degrees, our thermostat maximum error of plus or minus 1 degree, so long as we are at this time thermostat measuring temperature in this range, then we can believe that our thermostat temperature is normal.