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Smart 3D Virtual Reality Glasses VR Mobile Phone Immersed Headset Theater PC Game Helmet wifi |

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Product parameters:

  • Compatible platforms: ANDROID Blackberry MIUI Symbian WindowsMobile iOS
  • Brand: non-phoneme
  • Model: VR101
  • Color Classification: VR101 white package a standard + 32G card + game controller VR101 black package a standard + 32G card + game controller VR101 white standard VR101 black standard

Day cat genuine quality guaranteed

VR virtual reality one machine, online 3D live viewing, enjoy IMX film / 3D immersion game, 3D panoramic scene, humanized helmet design, headset more comfortable, 2D / 3D image switchable, built-in 8 +1GB memory , At any time to enjoy 2D / 3D video brings the visual experience of shock.

1, wireless WIFI connection;

2, comes with Andrews system, 1280 * 720 ultra clear screen, using quad-core processor, 1G running memory;

3, support for 3D movies and panoramic video playback, but also to see online 3D movies, play 3D games, built-in nine-axis sensor;

4, online TV movies live;

5, can be downloaded to install a variety of application software (video software, browser, games, etc.);

6, support TF card and U disk and mobile hard disk and other direct video playback;

Package description:

Standard: host + data cable + box + manual + warranty card + original charger + original headset

Package 1: host + data cable + box + manual + warranty card + 32G memory card + game controller + OTG line + card reader + original charger + original headset