Luwint football pads shin pads shin pads adult children perforated breathable lightweight shield flapper

Luwint football pads shin pads shin pads adult children perforated breathable lightweight shield flapper

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Brand: Luwint
  • Color Category: Gold + a sock shin pads (white) gold + a sock leg shield (black) spot gold plate + one blue sock leggings (black) + one blue sock shin pads (white) red shin pads + a sock (white) + a red sock leg shield (black) white spot black sock leg shield + a (white) + a black sock leg shield (black) blue white spot red spot a leg shield + sock (white) + one white sock leg shield (black) black spot
  • Item: Leggings perforated plate
  • Brace types: Calf
  • Size: L code (width 8.5, length 18cm, suitable height 170CM above) M code (width 7.5, length 16cm, for about 150-170CM height) S code (7 wide, long 14.5cm, for about 130-150CM height)

Luwint fashion soccer shin pads ultra-light high protection Blade small Greaves brace adult children

Brand: Luwint

Item: Leggings perforated plate

Size: L code (Weight: 0.11KG), M codes (weight: 0.08KG)
Fabric: lightweight high-strength PP
Lining: EVA foam high strength, protection comfortable and effective damping
Note: This item has no straps required to meet the football socks use.

Surface for ultra-lightweight high-strength plastic plating process, dazzling color, high impact strength, and leg contact area with a soft foam, fully absorb the impact energy of the lower leg bone to provide strong protection, while ensuring comfortable to wear, suitable for children and adults, it is a good helper for football fans

Sock is purchased separately, you need to sock pro please consult customer service purchased separately.

Luwint genuine double shin pads Thin section Anti-sock off board
[Brand]: Luwint

[Name]: Double Watao
Specification: Size
Package: Simple bag
[Action]: from the fixed card / Insert leg shield effect, perspiration breathable!
Usage: sweat socks to wear the leg, insert plate can be!
[Features]: with double jack, can effectively fixing flapper / inserts to prevent the plate in motion fall off!
Pocket sock advantages: 1: the board directly inserted into the sock pockets, the board is not in direct contact with the legs, together with a more comfortable, more suitable for summer band; 2: the board in the fierce campaign will not decline; 3: do not wear long socks, do not worry about the next.