Luwint Soccer Shield Leggings Plate Hole Breathable Leggings Plate for Children Adult Lightweight Board

Luwint Soccer Shield Leggings Plate Hole Breathable Leggings Plate for Children Adult Lightweight Board

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 summer
  • Brand: Luwint
  • (Black) blue + stockings (white) 1214 Leggings plate + socks set (white) red (white) gold + socks set (white) (White) black + socks set (black) blue red white + stockings (white) white + socks set (black) 1408 gray + socks set (black) Transparent paragraph yellow transparent section dark blue transparent section orange transparent paragraph fluorescent green black
  • Item No: Hole plate with holes
  • Protective gear types: protect the calf
  • Size: L code (for more than 170CM height) M code (for about 150-170CM height) S code (for 130-150CM about height)

Warm Tip: S code Leggings board to wear M code socks, M, L code leggings board Wear L code socks

Luwint Fashion Ultra-light Football Leggings High Protection Slide-in Small Shield Shield Adult Children

Brand: Luwint

Item No: Hole plate with holes

Size: L code (weight: 0.11KG), M code (weight: 0.08KG) S code (Weight:
Fabric: lightweight high-strength PP
Lining: EVA high-intensity foam, the protection of comfort, effective shock absorption
Note: This product without straps, to be used with football socks.

The surface is light and high strength plastic plating process, dazzling color, high impact strength, and the use of soft foam contact with the legs, fully absorb the impact energy, calf shank to provide strong protection, while ensuring comfortable to wear for children and Adult use, is a good helper football enthusiasts

Socks for the purchase of a separate, need to consult the socks of the pro-customer service purchased separately.

Luwint Genuine Leggings Double Layer Thin section Socks anti-plate off
'Brand': Luwint

'Name': double socks
'Specifications': all code
'Packaging': Simple bag packaging
'Role': from the fixed card / insert the role of leg shield, perspiration breathable!
'Use': sweat socks worn on the leg, the plate can be inserted into!
'Features': double-layer with a socket, can effectively secure the card / insert, to prevent the board loose in the movement off!
2: the board in the fierce movement will not decline; 3: do not wear long (1): the board directly into the sock pocket, the board does not directly touch the legs, with more comfortable, more suitable for summer; Socks, do not worry about the next.