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Double Jie analytical balance 0.1mg one thousandth of a fine electronic scales 0.0001 electronic balance 0.001g

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: G & G / double-Jie
  • Series: JJBC
  • Model: XXXBC
  • (1mg) the whole sensor 620g0.001 per thousand (1mg) the whole sensor 520g0.001 thousandths (1mg) the whole sensor 620g0.001 thousandths (1mg) the whole sensor (1mg) the overall sensor 1O00g0.001 one thousandth (1mg) the overall sensor 1520g0.001 thousandths (1mg) the overall sensor 120g0.0001 ten thousandths (0.1mg) the whole sensor 220g0.0001 ten thousandths (0.1mg ) The whole sensor 320g00001001000 (0.1mg) electronic analytical balance products are tax-inclusive price, invoice, please contact customer service!