Link d-link DAP-1360P dlink wireless repeater | bridge | repeater wireless access point AP

Link d-link DAP-1360P dlink wireless repeater | bridge | repeater wireless access point AP

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: D-Link / D-Link DAP-1360P
  • Brand: D-Link / Link
  • D-Link Model: DAP-1360P
  • Color Classification: BUCEROS / character
  • Whether wireless: Wireless
  • Wireless transmission speeds: 300Mbps
  • Condition: New

D-Link DAP-1360P 11NWireless access point provides a wireless connection, or upgrade your existing wireless network and expand its coverage to your wired network. With this device, you can connect the location on the network it is difficult to achieve anywhere on the web before, as well as view the message talking with family and friends online, and the speed is relatively faster before.

Fast and reliable wireless connectivity

As 802.11n compatible devices, DAP-1360P The transmission rate is higher802.11g of 14Fold coverage of802.11gof 6Times, and backward compatibility 802.11gAnd 802.11b equipment.

Protect your wireless network

DAP-1360P provides 64/128Place WEP And encryption WPA / WPA2Encryption to protect your network and wireless data support Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS ), Can be quickly and safely set up a wireless network. In addition, the device-specific MAC Address filtering and disable SSID Broadcast function to limit outsiders access to your home or office network.

Multiple operating modes

DAP-1360P seven operating modes, namely the access point mode, the wireless client mode, the transponder

Mode, bridge mode Bridge mode with the AP, WISP Client router and WISP repeater mode

Mode. Based on these models, you have the flexibility to configure the device to achieve a variety of wireless applications. Access Point mode allows the device as a central hub for wireless users. Wireless client mode enables the DAP-1360P is connected to another access point. Bridging mode two wired networks together. band AP Under the bridge mode, the device can operate as a wireless hub and a bridge. Repeater mode can extend the wireless coverage to eliminate all 'blind' points. WISP Client Router mode allows wireless Internet Under service users without the need for additional router, and Ethernet computer family /Office users to share Internet Connected more, the device can be used asWISP Repeater mode, without additional router, make WISP And wired and wireless users to share computer Internet connection.
Quick and easy installation

You can D-Link Few minutes to complete the setup wizard to configure the wireless network can be configured DAP-1360P The mode of operation is very easy to add new wireless devices to your network. If you want to quickly create a simple home or office wireless network, DAP-1360P Is your ideal choice.
Energy efficient

DAP-1360P Built planning and scheduling capabilities, Wi-Fi when not in use will automatically shut down, reducing energy consumption, saving at the same time saving you the cost.


Networking standards

802.11nwireless LAN

802.3 / 802.3u10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX

802.11gwireless LAN

ANSI / IEEE 802.3NWay Auto-negotiation

802.11bwireless LAN

Device Interface

802.11n / g / b wireless LAN

One10 / 100BASE-TX Ethernet LAN port

Operating frequency

2.4To 2.4835GHz

Run channel

FCC: 11 ETSI: 13

wireless &Modulation scheme



Run mode

Access Point Mode

Repeater mode

Wireless Client mode

WISP Client Router Mode

Bridge Mode

WISP Repeater mode

band AP The bridge mode


Two 5dBi Detachable omni-directional antenna


64/128Place WEP data encryption

MAC Address filtering


SSID Broadcast disable function


WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)


Advanced Features

service quality QoS: Wi-Fi multimedia (WMM)

Device Management

by MicrosoftInternet based on web Management

Explorer6Or later, Firefox 3.0Or later ,Or other support Java-Browser

status led

Power, security, , Wireless, LAN





power input

12VDC / 0.5A External power supply


run : 0to 40°C ; Storage :-20to65°C


run : 10% to90%Non-condensing; Storage :5%to 95%Non-condensing


FCC Class B , C-Tick , CE , Wi-Fi Authenticate , IC