DRO smart thermostat thermostat temperature controller | digital temperature control instrumentation intelligent temperature controller | controller

DRO smart thermostat thermostat temperature controller | digital temperature control instrumentation intelligent temperature controller | controller

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MEACON
  • Model: MIK1100
  • Product Number: MIK1100
  • Color Category: increase communication features that are common fare increase transmission output 1 alarm output increase 24V power distribution function
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering

Customers Please purchase note when buying digital instrumentation routine function refers to the list at no extra cost function, the table with + content refers to frequently used functions on the basis of each additional function requires increased costs, mainly this is because of customized products, the store can not change the price, so customers should require additional functions and then photographed together, the inconvenience, please understand; in addition this product is customized product delivery within 5 working days inside, part of the regular features of our stock ordered, but all the formal business of the special features can not omit this link shortening time because of inconsistent quality performance will bring more trouble, even out of the market, customers urgently, please carefully shoot, it is noted, I wish a happy shopping.

Example: need 2 alarm temperature control instruments should be how to shoot?

Process Description: [need to select frequently used functions] (Amount 139) , Add to Cart, and then select the [increase] 1 channel alarm output (Amount 35) Since the 2 alarm, select the number of column 2 (the amount of 35 * 2 = 70), then click on the buy now can be a total price of 139 + 70 = 209.

MIK1100 single-loop measurements show that the control device
Explanation price
MIK1100 Single-loop digital display 139
Dimensions A 160 × 80 × 110mm
B 80 × 160 × 110mm
C 96 × 96 × 110mm
D 96 × 48 × 110mm
E 48 × 96 × 110mm
F 72 × 72 × 110mm
H 48 × 48 × 105mm
Input Type See 'Input type table'
Export A0 No output +85
A1 4-20mA
A2 1-5V
A3 0-10mV
A4 0-5V
A5 0-20mA
A6 0-10V
T RS-485 communication +135
Alarm output R0 No alarm
R1 1 alarm output +35
R2 2 alarm output +70
Feed output P0 No feed output
P1 1-way feed output +35
Power supply A AC220V

Taobao Business platform, launched a new series of MIK digital form. Only the original online products sold under the move online, MIK series DRO its Cost-effective Characteristics, under the 2011 annual sales amounted to More than 20 million units Products refined mold, is a national initiative, standardized production line and annual shipments of more than 20 million units is quality assurance, including series Digital control, PID regulation, Communicator And other functional products. Universal signal input and convenient configuration function biggest meet your needs!

One-stop service, 7 days replacement, one year repair kits , So you no worries.

96 * 96 Shape

160 * 80 Shape

Internal board at a glance:

Features at a glance:

  • 0.3 Accuracy
  • Seven Dimensions
  • Double-digit LED display
  • Supports thermocouple, RTD, voltage, current and transmitter input
  • Supports up to 2 alarm function
  • 1-way transmission output, RS485 communication interface
  • 1 channel DC24V feed output
  • Input terminal, an output terminal, a power supply terminal optical isolation
  • 100-240V AC / DC or 20-29V DC switching power supply

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