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Huawei Glory B2 Bracelet | Wearable Bluetooth Talking Andrews Smart Bracelet Pedometer Waterproof Metal Watch

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Product parameters:

  • Compatible platforms: ANDROID iOS
  • Features: Photo smart reminder sleep monitoring social entertainment Bluetooth call timer remote self-timer waterproof
  • Brand: Huawei / Huawei
  • Product Name: B2
  • Color Classification: 'Sport Edition - White' six good manners arbitrary election + Shun Feng 包邮 'Sport Edition - Gold' Six Gifts Free + SF '包邮' Sport Edition - Black 'Six Gifts + SF' Edition - White 'Six Gifts Free + Shun Feng 包邮' Business Edition - Golden 'Six Gifts Free Shipping + Shun Feng 包邮' Business Edition - Black 'Six Gifts Free Shipping + Shun Feng 包邮
  • Applies to: android platform Apple iOS platform
  • Wireless distance: 5m (inclusive) -10m (inclusive)

6-axis sensor intelligent identification of movement status, sleep monitoring, remote camera, hand ring unlock, Bluetooth headset and smart combination of the smart bracelet. <br> <br> english-TalkBand B2, 2015 new metal body technology, exquisite strap design, Built-in 6-axis motion sensor and gyroscope, coupled with self-learning algorithm that can better distinguish between different motion status and accurate recording of sports information, ease of use has also been further improved. Sleep monitoring, cell phone connection reminder, Bluetooth , Powerful, stylish light extravagant! Normal use of time up to 3 days, Bluetooth talk time of 6 hours!