Hyfi Wireless Router | Smart Wireless Extender TL-H18E Single Pack |

Hyfi Wireless Router | Smart Wireless Extender TL-H18E Single Pack |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: TP-Link / General Link Technology TL-H ...
  • Brand: TP-Link / 普联 技术
  • Model: TL-H18E
  • Package Type: Standard
  • Color Classification: Natural
  • Transmission speed: 200Mbps

Summary of HyFi equipment FAQs

Q1: what is HyFi Smart Wireless?

A: HyFi (Full name: Hybrid Wi-Fi ) Refers to the same product using both 'wired' and 'wireless' two technologies to 'wired' as the trunk, 'wireless' as access, the product stability and reliability of both wired and wireless mobile convenience. Quot;HyFi Intelligent wireless router 'for the network control center, real-time automatic discovery and configuration, management, network all HyFi Intelligent wireless extender, without human intervention, to achieve home network intelligence.

Q2: HyFi Can the product be used alone?

A: TL-H18R can be used as a single LAN port wireless router, TL-H18E must be used with HyFi smart wireless router can be used.

Q3: HyFi What is the default administrative address for the product?

A: TL-H18E default management address, TL-H18E default management address, but when TL-H18E TL-H18R is not registered, TL-H18R TL-H18E will automatically assign IP address, this You can see the specific IP address in the TL-H18R management interface's expander list.

Q4: HyFi Can the product be mixed with other power line adapters?

A: TL-H18R, TL-H18E are used HomePlugAV standard, with TP-LINK power line adapter TL-PA200, TL-PA201, TL-PA500, TLPA501 and power lines AP TL-PWA2701N, TL-PWA2801N mixed use. Manually pair the devices one by one for the same private network name.

Q5: HyFi Intelligent wireless router /What is the range of extender usage? What is the coverage of a single H18R and 18E?

A: TL-H18R / TL-H18E data transmission along the power line, the same meter along the power line transmission distance of up to 300 meters, to meet the general family environment to use H18R and H18E are built-in 1.5dbi antenna, transmit power 18dBm, Used in a single space.

Q6: Use of power line adapter to transmit data on the power line, will be household appliances interference?

A: The use of home appliances on the power line adapter performance basically has no effect, but the plug, charger, air switch power line adapter may use a greater impact, in use, try to power line adapter device plugged in the wall plug, and try to avoid close Use the charger, power adapter and other equipment.

Q7: One HyFi Intelligent wireless router can support up to several HyFi Smart Wireless :Extender?

A: 7 units.

Q8: How to set up a front-end router HYFI product?

A:See TP-LINK official technical documentation: http: // servicetp-linkcomcn / detail_article_443html (Please copy the link to the browser open)

Q12.How to set up HyFi Smart Wireless Devices TL-H18R TL-H18E?

A:See TP-LINK Technical Documentation: http: // servicetp-linkcomcn / detail_article_291html (Please copy the link to the browser open)

Q13. HyFi Other Frequently Asked Questions.

A:See the TP-LINK technical documentation: http://servicetp-linkcomcn/ detail_article_439html (Please copy the link to the browser open)