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CSOKASN Spring and Autumn Korean version of men's knit cardigan sweater t-shirt v-neck sweater fake two sweater tide male

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Product parameters:

  • Listed Year Season: Fall 2015
  • Material composition: regenerated cellulose fiber 81.9% polyester fiber 18.1%
  • Product Number: 150131
  • Sales Channel Type: pure electricity providers (only online sales)
  • Style: Hedging
  • Edition type: Slim type
  • Thickness: Conventional
  • Collar type: V collar
  • Color: Blue Fake Two Fake Two Black Fake Two Burgundy
  • Size: M170 L175 XL180 XXL185 XXXL190 4XL 5XL S165
  • Style details: hit color
  • Process: washing
  • Brand: CSOKASN
  • Sleeve type: conventional
  • Applicable season: Fall
  • pattern: plain
  • Sleeve: long sleeves
  • Wool thickness: Conventional yarn (10-pin, 12-pin)
  • Applicable scene: Leisure
  • Time to market: 2015
  • Suitable for: young people
  • Basic style: fashion city
  • Subdivision style: tide

Knitting sweater care tips:

Wash the sweater should be placed in the net bag as far as possible to get rid of the water, should not wring, but not with the water hanging directly on the hair hanger, so that the pull strength of gravity makes sweater deformation and reduce the elasticity of wool sweater should be ventilated Dry place, it is best to share the air dry, or on the net pocket, and continue to flip.When the eighty percent of the dry sweater can be removed from the pocket to remove the bar to dry.Welcome to extend the life of sweaters Oh.
In order to prevent insects, the sweater must be washed and thoroughly dry before it is collected, and the ink is protected against the effects of insects, and the sweater can be wrapped up in a new newspaper and, at the same time, Wardrobe (box) should be kept dry, and should put some camphor.

On worrying about sweater pilling problem description:

The pilling of clothes is for a reason:
1: the nature of the fabric is relatively smooth, that is, the friction coefficient is small, so it is easy from the clothes surface prolapse.
2: The strength of this fiber is very good, so it is not easy to remove from the clothes surface, but with a lot of fiber out of adhesion together, so you have the clothes on the ball.
Both conditions are available when you will appear the phenomenon, under normal circumstances, nylon (nylon) is easy to pilling the ball.

This knitted sweater is not Nylon (nylon), So do not worry about the ball.Silament cotton fabric to eliminate the ball.So as long as the normal wear, do not force the friction is certainly not the ball, pro who can rest assured to buy.