High-strength raymond mill

High-strength raymond mill

Product description:

The machine is used for grinding the barite, limestone, kaolin, ceramics and slag with Mohs hardness below scale 9.3 and 280-odd sorts of non-inflammable and non-explosive stuff in the trades of mining, metallurgical industrial, chemical engineering and building material for high fine powder generation and processing. The product size is adjustable in the range of 80-425 (1000 the finest) meshes. It is possible to product 30-80 mesh coarse powder through special device in the machine.

Working process:

In the main frame, a 100-1500 kg powered pressure spring is fixed to the roller suspender. After the grinder is put into effect, the roller rotates around the main shaft, and rolls closely against the ring pressed by the high pressure spring and centrifugal force. And its rolling pressure ration is 1.2 times higher than that of the raymond grinder under the same power condition and the production output is raised to substantial degree.
When a certain degree of wear of roller and ring is effected, it is recommended to adjust the length of the spring to maintain the constant pressure between the roller and the ring. As a result, the stable output and fineness are ensured.

Technical parameters of High-strength Raymond mill

Type High-strength97 High-strength93 High-strength86A High-strength66
Feeding size (mm) (=25 (=25 (=20 (=15
Size of finished product (mm) 0.125-0.033 0.613-0.033 0.125-0.033 0.125-0.033
shift output at different material fineness (t) 4-55 3.5-40 3-33 1-20
Rotate speed of central shaft (r/ min) 130 160 160 180
Diameter of pulverzing ring (mm) 1050 1006 907.5 725
Diameter of pulverzing roller (mm) 310 300 270 210
Height of pulverizing roller (mm) 170 160 150 150
Main Motor y225s-4-37 y225m-8-30 y225m-8-32 y200L-8-15
Fan Motor y200L-4-30 y200m-2-22 y160E-4-18.5 y160m-4-11
Analyzer motor yc120-4A-5.5 yc122-6-3 y112m-6-2.2 y112m-6-2.2