Sand maker

Sand maker

Product description:

Product introduction:

HX series sand maker is high-efficiency rock crushing equipment with domestic and international leading level; the machine is developed by introducing the crushing theory and technology from Barmac Company of America and combining the actual situation of sand making. It is widely used for crushing of hard and brittle materials, such as rock, grinding material, refractory material, cement clinker, quartzite, iron ore and concrete aggregate; and it is especially suitable for the sand and sandstone making for construction and road paving.

Working principle of Sand maker

1. Center Feeding: raw material falls down into feed hopper, and then enters impeller through central entrance hole. It is accelerated in high-speed impeller, and then is thrown out at a speed of 60-75m/ s. When hitting impact plate, it is crushed. Final products come downwards though outlet.

2. Ring Feeding: Raw material falls down into feed hopper, and then through ring, it is divided into two parts by material-dividing plate. One enters into impeller through the center of material-dividing plate. The other falls down from outside of material-dividing plate. Material, which is thrown out by impeller at speed of 60-75m/ s, hits material coming down from outside of material-dividing plate. In this way, material is crushed.

VSI sand maker Characteristics:

1, This machine is a new type rock crushing equipment developed in the 1990s and is used for substituting roller and ball mill;

2, The structure is simple and the operation is stable;

3, Low energy consumption, high output and big reduction ratio;

4, Small bulk, convenient operation, installation and maintenance;

5, The product is in the cubic shape with small iron pollution;

6, During the process, the stone rock can form a protective bottom layer which makes the equipment more durable;

7, Some easy wear parts adopt hard and wear-resistant materials and have small bulk and light weight, so that it can be changed easily.

Our company manufactures various kinds of artificial sand maker, such as VSI sand maker and HX series impact crusher.

Technical parameters of HX Series impact crusher

Specification Max. feeding size (mm) Power (KW) Rotation speed of impeller (r/ min) Capacity (t/ h) Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) Total weight (kg)
HX-06 35 37-55 2000-3000 12-30 2500*1620*2600 5600
HX-07 45 55-75 1500-2500 25-55 2700*1760*2800 7600
HX-09 50 110-150 1200-2000 55-100 3900*2000*3070 12600
HX-10 60 150-180 1000-1700 100-160 4600*2350*3450 17300
HX-12 60 264-320 850-1450 160-300 4500*2400*3700 22500
HX-13 60 320-400 800-1193 200-360 5200*2700*3800 27600