Chinaware ball mill

Chinaware ball mill

Product description:

Chinaware ball mill is mainly used for mixing, milling of the materials. It works with less energy but produces high fineness product. It has two types that are wet mill and dry mill. The machine could use different lining boards according to products requirements to satisfy different customers requirements. The milling fineness depends on the milling time. The motor is started by the coupling which can reduce voltage and lower the starting electricity.

The structure is divided into integral type and freestanding type. Advantages of the machine are lower investment, energy conservation, novel structure, easy and safe operation, stable and reliable performance, etc. It is suitable for mixing and milling general and special materials. Users can choose one proper model, lining board and media as per the factors, such as materials specific gravity and hardness, as well as output, etc.

Technical Parameters of Chinaware Ball Mill

Model Feeder capacity (t/ time) Shell rotation speed (r/ min) Reference motor (kw) Liner material
600*700 0.05 50 2.2 Line material (chinaware, silicon, rubber, metal) reference motor depend on the material of the line and milling material.
800*600 0.075 42 3
900*1200 0.2 38.5 5.5
1300*1500 0.5 33 7.5
1500*1800 1.2 28.5 11
1800*2000 1.5 24 15
2600*2800 5 16.5 37
3000*3800 10 14.5 57.2
3200*4600 15 13.5 75