Cement mill

Cement mill

Product description:

Summary of Cement Mill

A cement mill is an installation used to grind the clinker component of concrete. Clinker is a hard, nodular material produced by sintering aluminosilicate and limestone in a cement kiln. There are several cement mill types which are able to grind clinker of which the ball mill is the most common. Ball mills consist of cylinders partially filled with large numbers of steel balls which employ their rolling action to crush the raw material when each cylinder is rotated. High pressure roller mills are occasionally used to grind clinker although their use has not yet gained broad acceptance. Cement mill is used for cement grinding. Cement crusher is applied for cement crushing. In cement production line you need to choose suitable raw material mill and cement crusher.

Cement Application

Cement products and raw materials are mainly used in Raw material mill, also used in metallurgy, chemical industry and electric power industry. mining enterprises. They can be used to open stream grinding and be applied to the composition of the powder flow grinding circle. And the China cement mill is of growing kinds. The China cement mills vary from traditional ball mill to new European trapezium grinding mill. Cement crusher includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc. In Cement making plant, cement grinding mill and cement crusher play a very important role. They can crush or grind the cement to required fineness for industry application.

According to the uses of cement, they can be divided into general cement, special cement and other cements with some prominent performances, etc, such as expansive cement, low heat cement, colored cement, and white cement. Among these, the general cement is the main silicate cement for general construction work and the special cement is adapted to specific uses of cement, such as dam cement, oil well cement, masonry cement, etc. All in all, cement mill will be used in all these products production.

In a variety of cement, silicate cement is kind of cement with wide application. In interior decoration, this type of cement is commonly used. In addition, white cement and colored cement are also used in the decoration.

Cement Production Process

The whole production process of cement is generally as follows:

Cement Crusher and homogenizing- Preparation of raw material - Raw material homogenization - Preheat decomposition - The burning of cement clinker - Cement equipment (Ball Mill or Vertical Roller Mill) - Cement Packaging

Among all these procedures, we will introduce to you the cement crusher process and cement machinery process in detail. The first step is for cement crusher.

The Advantages of Cement Mill

Our cement mills with domestic advanced level are exported to Vietnam, Indonesia, France, Germany, etc. China cement mills have been honored as famous brand of China Building material in machinery industry, national top brand product, fixed-point production of national building materials, etc. The Cement mill price is also lower than the foreign countries.

Cement mill with adaptability of materials can produce a continuous, broken than large, easy-to-speed grinding fineness of the product characteristics. The cement mill price will also be affected by these factors.

Product specification (m) Milling from Transmission from Gear box motor power (kw) Production capacity (t/ h) Total Weight (t)
Model Speed reduction ratio
Φ 1.83*7 Open flow Brim ZD60 4.5 245 6.5-8 43.8
Φ 2.2*7.5 Circle flow Brim ZD70 5 380 8-10 64.8
Φ 2.2*11 Open flow Central shaft D110 35.5 630 12-13 104.6
Φ 2.2*13 Open flow Central shaft D110 35.5 630 16-18 114
Φ 2.4*13 Open flow Central shaft D110 35.5 800 20-23 130.6
Φ 2.6*13 Open flow Central shaft MFY100 19.5 1000 28-32 158
Φ 3*9 Circle flow Brim D125 41.2 1000 28-36.5 167
Φ 3*11 Circle flow Central shaft D140 42.8 1250 36-47 180
Φ 3.2*13 Open flow Central shaft D140 36.5 1600 45-50 225
Φ 3.5*13 Circle flow Brim JDX1000 5.84 2000 60-65 275
Φ 3.8*13 Open flow Central shaft MFY250 16.5 2500 60-62 320
Φ 4.2*13 Open flow Central shaft JQS3550 15.6 3530 85-87 380
Φ 4.6*14 Circle flow Central shaft JSL160-C 14.6 4200 120-135 485