High-frequency screen

High-frequency screen

Product description:

High-frequency screen consists of vibration exciter, ore slurry distributor, screen frame, machine frame, suspension spring and sieve, etc.

It has many features such as high efficiency and excellent screening effect with small amplitude and high frequency.

Regarding to the working principle, it differs from the conventional screens. By means of breaking of the surface tension of slurry, together with small granularity's high speed vibration on sieve cover, the high-frequency screen accelerates the separation of useful mines with large density and increases the contacting probability of the materials smaller than output granularity and the sieve pore. Therefore, it creates good condition for separating materials, especially for the small size materials.

Technical Parameters of High Frequency Screen

Model Screen square (m2) Thickness of input material (%) Capacity (t/ h) Power (kw)
GPS-4 4.5 30%-40% 15-25 0.72
GPS-5 5.2 30%-40% 20-30 1.1
GPS-6 6 30%-40% 24-36 1.5
GPS-8 8.1 30%-40% 32-48 2.2