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Wireless remote monitoring infrared night vision version of the original _Wireless camera |

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Product parameters:

  • Compatible platforms: ANDROID iOS
  • Brand: Xiaomi / millet
  • Model: Xiaomi / millet YHS-113
  • Night vision version 'to send 32G memory card + card reader' night vision version 'sent 16 memory card + card reader' night vision version 'sent 8G memory card + reader' Standard Night Edition 'can not be stored video'

Buy on the sticky wall Velcro!

The camera can bind up to 12 devices at the same time, and supports 3 devices at the same time

Official standard: camera + charger + data cable + manual: no memory card

Note: The small ants camera memory card does not support playback, Need to buy with 32G / 16G / 8G memory card.

(Bind a master account to share other sub-account number)

Can watch can be said to listen to, mobile remote viewing

Scanning the top two weft yards easy to download Application APP can be easily installed! Or by downloading by connecting:

Http: // appmicom / detail / 75646

Millet intelligent family: Http: // appmicom / detail / 75542

Millet router: Http: // appmicom / detail / 53711

The above three applications can help you set up a small ants camera!

Ant ant camera configuration method: Http: // newbbsxiaomicn / thread / index / tid / 4466Copy to browser opens

Small ant APP connection frequency: Http: // vyoukucom / v_show / id_XODI0MjYwNjY4html Copy to browser opens