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Network terminal NetStation5530 | cloud terminal | computer drag treasure | share device N130

Network terminal NetStation5530 | cloud terminal | computer drag treasure | share device N130
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Engine Alliance
  • Model: N130
  • Network equipment type: computer trailer card

Trailer box special: computer sharing device cloud terminal network terminal N 130 tractor Po.

Real estate agents preferred, office computers preferred terminal, green, low-carbon life from here.

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Installation is simple, the system installed after the software installed, and then add the user, the terminal boot to find the host name on it, the CD has instructions, very simple, do not think too complicated. Set the IP, then the cable can be installed well, if not, then please carefully buy, find someone who will contact our technical staff. Easily make more than one computer to use.

OUR sold products for the South Korean program, the supporting software called NCT-2000-XP, as long as it is installed some software products, can be sold with this shop N130 generic.

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  • Seven day free trial , The use of any process can be satisfied at any time to the treasurer to apply for returns, not dragging its feet!
  • Solemn commitment to provide this product shop 1 year warranty service,

Warranty for one year, products include: terminal box, power supply, CD-ROM, warranty card certificate.

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Connection diagram:

The maximum number of units can be brought
30 units
Distance limit
No distance restrictions
Whether the card
No card required
Connection method
Cable connection
support system
Windows 2000 Professional Edition, windows xp Home Edition, windows xp Professional Edition,
Windows xp media center version, windows 2000 server version,
Windows 2003 Server

Supports movies
not support
Support USB1.1 storage
remote access
Remote access
Color range
1 6 true color
Support for resolution
640 * 480, 800 * 600, 1024 * 768 (60HZ or 75HZ), 1280 * 1024 (63HZ),
Product core strengths
To avoid a large number of enterprises out of the computer and reduce the maintenance of heavy problems, completely do worry, save trouble also save money.

Just a few hundred dollars, you can buy a computer? May sound a little bizarre, it is now to introduce this fresh device sure to make you an eye-opener.It is not just a computer, but more importantly, it is very Small, smaller than a router, the main application scenario is a number of space-scarce company, with this little thing, matched with the display, mouse, keyboard, you can use as a real computer.
This is a high-tech products, hereinafter referred to as network terminal.This is one of the most fashionable enterprise solutions that can cost control to a minimum, and the formation of the system easy to upgrade, only need to replace the server, any one Network terminal can get performance improvement.Then this is how is it? First look at this product can achieve the function.

This product can be a virtual LAN through a computer, a server can take 30 such devices, and each plug in the monitor and mouse and keyboard can be used normally. Save space, save electricity, reduce equipment costs, so that Office environment has become orderly, do not look at it small, these are it can be resolved

Product size is very small, only the palm of your hand so much, but nothing is missing, the computer has all the interfaces, we start with the appearance of analysis and analysis.

We test the environment is relatively simple, with a router to build a local area network, a network cable to connect the server, the other one to connect the network terminal.

Another network-type terminal and then connect a monitor, mouse and keyboard, etc. This ready to do a good job.

Server (right) and network terminal (left) are ready, then the server on the server software installed.

After the installation needs to be restarted, and then set the network terminal in the management of the user to log in, how much need to set how much

If the router has DHCP function, then the network terminal has been able to correctly find the server, and if used switch , But also in the Options set the following IP address and so on.

After the login screen appears, it's like you have more than one user logged into the same computer.

Input just set the user and password in the service period, it will have a desktop, it means that two users simultaneously logged on to a computer, but the monitor and input device separately, and 2 computers with a Server to operate. Here to actually use what to look at feelings.

1 server can take 30 network terminals, but when you scale in the expansion of time, you can buy a variety of servers, as long as a local area network, network terminal client which is connected to a server is the same.

Well, the price of this product more than 100 yuan, I believe that the use of large-scale manufacturers can also give concessions. My company's products are more than this one, interested friends can visit the official website to learn more about the product.