Network terminals NetStation5530 | cloud terminal | Computer terminals | Sharer N130

Network terminals NetStation5530 | cloud terminal | Computer terminals | Sharer N130

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Qing Union
  • Model: N130
  • Network Equipment Type: computer tractor cards

Cheap towing box: sharing computer cloud terminal network terminals N 130 tractor treasure.

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Installation is simple, the system installed after the installation software, and then add the user terminal power to find the host name landed on it, CD-ROM with a description of a very simple, do not think too complicated. Will install the system will install the driver, will set the IP, will take the network cable can be installed, is not the case, please buy carefully, looking for people who will contact our technical staff. Easy to make a computer to use more than one variable.

It sold products for the Korean program, the supporting software, called NCT-2000-XP, as long as the money is install some software products, and can we sell this N130 Universal.

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  • This solemn promise to provide goods store 1 year warranty service,

One year warranty, the product comprising: a terminal box, power supply, CD-ROM, warranty card certificate.

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1:The Taobao factory outlets;
2:Quality assurance, one year warranty;
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Connection diagram:

With a maximum number of units
30 units
Distance limit
No distance limitations
Whether the card
Without the card
Network cable
support system
windows 2000 Professional Edition, windows xp home edition, windows xp professional version,
windows xp media center edition, windows 2000 Server Edition,
windows 2003 server

Support Movie
not support
Support USB1.1 storage
remote access
Remote access
Color range
16 true color
Supported resolutions
640 * 480, 800 * 600, 1024 * 768 (60HZ or 75HZ), 1280 * 1024 (63HZ),
Product core advantage
Avoid large number of enterprises out of the computer and reduce excessive maintenance problems, do a thorough worry, save trouble and save money.

Just spend a few hundred dollars, you can buy a computer? It may sound a little strange, that this fresh equipment now want to introduce sure to make you an eye-opener. It is not just a computer, but more importantly, it is the volume compact, is smaller than a router, the main application scenario is some space shortage of companies, with this little thing, adding the monitor, mouse and keyboard, it can be used as a real computer use.
This is coming from a high-tech products, hereinafter referred to as a network terminal. This is one of the most fashionable enterprise solutions that can keep costs to a minimum, and the formation of the system is easy to upgrade, only need to replace the server, no one network terminal can get the performance boost. so that in the end is how it happened? Let's look at the function can be achieved this product.

This product can be a virtual local area network computer, a server can take 30 of these devices, and each plug in the monitor and the keyboard and mouse can be used as normal. To save space, save electricity, reduce equipment costs, so office environment has become organized, though it is small, these are it can be solved

Product volume is very small, only the palm of your hand, but nothing, everything has a computer interfaces, we start with the appearance of further analysis.

Our test environment is relatively simple, with the router set up a local area network, a network cable to connect two servers, in addition to a connection to this network terminal.

Further network terminal and then connect a monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. This preparatory work is done.

Server (right) and network terminal (left) are ready, then on to install the server software on the server.

After the installation requires a reboot, the user terminal to log on to the network and set in the management, how much needs to set

If the router has DHCP function, the network terminal would be able to find the right server, if used , But also set the following IP address, and so on in the Options.

Login screen appears after the connection, which is like you have multiple users log on to the same computer.

Just enter the service set of end user and password, it will have, it means two users simultaneously logged on to a computer, but the display and input device separated, 2 computers are using a server computes below to look at what the actual experience.

1 server can take 30 network terminal, but when you expand the size of the time, you can purchase a variety of server, as long as a local area network, the client network terminal server connections which are the same.

Well, the price of this product over a hundred dollars, I believe that if large-scale manufacturers can use to give concessions. Our products are also more than this one, friends who are interested can visit the official website to learn more about the product.