West Germany meter card | prepaid meter IC card type | single-phase electronic smart meters DDSY606

West Germany meter card | prepaid meter IC card type | single-phase electronic smart meters DDSY606

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: West Germany
  • Model: DDSY606
  • Product Number: DDSY606
  • Color Classification: 2.5 / 10A 5 / 20A 10 / 40A 15 / 60A
  • Renovation and construction content: Hydropower Engineering
  • Meter Type: pre-paid meter
  • Power circuit: DC Table
  • How it works: electronic meter

■ design and construction to ensure the meter does not cause any danger when used under nominal conditions;

■ internal circuit board equipped with relay for direct control through power;

■ two-way metering to accurately measure the positive and negative power in both directions, and metering in one direction;

■ After the first purchase of electricity power, pre-order power consumption will be lower than the set alarm, battery power is used up;

■ digital display cycle use and remaining battery charge;

■ with memory function, data is not lost after a power failure, after power resume after power failure in the data table can be stored for 10 years;

■ identifying illegal card function, when illegal card is inserted that the meter error display 'Err';

■ the maximum storage capacity: 9999 kWh;

■ Use common contactless IC card for meter set parameters, stored charge, information counter-write;

■ on credit and has three alarm function, alarm, sound alarm, wind up alarm, power on credit features are optional.

■ 485 having communication function, can be read in the copy table number, remaining capacity, the use of electricity, power purchase times, the last time the purchase power and other data, communication protocol meet DL / T 645-2007 communication protocol.

Certification Zhejiang System No. 00,000,321
National standard GB / T 17215.321, GB / T 18460.3
International standard IEC 62053-21
A current specification 1.5(6), 2.5(10), 5(20), 5(30), 5(40), 5(50), 5(60), 10(40), 10(50), 10(60), 15(60)
Reference voltage V 220
Accuracy grade level 1, 2
Power W Under a non-communication state power voltage circuit ≤2W / 10VA, current loop power ≤4VA