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Help state medical cervical traction frame cervical traction cervical neck traction belt tensioners HBZB suspension

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Hebei Jizhou
  • Medical Devices Product Name: cervical traction frame
  • Brand: state aid
  • Model: B08
  • Value-added services: Free shipping
  • Executive Standard: YZB / Ji 0035-2011
  • Registration No: 20162260016 Hebei armed quasi Note
  • Tractor categories: mechanical traction
  • Company: Hebei Medical Equipment Co. state aid
  • Diseases: stiff neck cervical spondylosis neck disease
  • Symptoms: cervical pain
  • For people: Any


1, under the guidance of doctors, have someone accompany traction;

2, at the beginning of traction, traction should not be too large, it should be small to large;

3, when the patient stretching and discomfort reaction traction prescribed treatment.

4, do not hold your breath or force against the traction.

5, the machine should not be in the sun exposure, there can not be placed inside the steam, humidity, and corrosive gas environments.

Packing List:

Traction frame body, traction coupon, cervical traction belt, instruction manual.