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Crocheted Seamless real hair, slightly curled no natural air bangs bangs wig piece natural thin sideburns bangs hair extension piece

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Lois · Lyall air slightly curled bangs
  • Brand: Lois · Lyall
  • Wig single product: the air slightly curled bangs
  • Color Classification:..... A black-brown A-type ultra-thin models Slim Slim natural black models A dark brown A-type ultra-thin models Slim Light Brown A red wine
  • Wig bangs Category: Qi Liu
  • Hair Material: High temperature wire
  • Effects: change the hairstyle, to protect their own hair, and instantly change the hairstyle, hair extension issuance
  • Cosmetic features: beautiful fashion, hair styling, increasing hair volume, length, increase hair volume and length

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