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Taihe electric wheelchairs elderly scooters disabled wheelchairs elderly electric wheelchairs folding light four-wheeled vehicles

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Shandong Texas
  • Medical equipment Product Name: Electric wheelchair
  • Brand: Thai together
  • Model: TH108
  • Value - added services: Shun Feng 包邮
  • Implementation of standards: GB / T13800-2009
  • Material: steel
  • Registration No .: Guangdong Food and Drug Administration armed (quasi) word 2014 No. 2561349
  • Manufacturer: Dezhou Chen Yue Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
  • Disease: lower limb disability hemiplegia paraplegia fracture fracture traction osteoporosis osteoporosis
  • Symptoms: Can not stand
  • Wheelchair type: Electric wheelchair
  • Applicable to the crowd: people with disabilities are not limited to middle - aged and middle - aged children in the elderly and adolescents
  • Optional hotspot: thicker cushion wider wheelchairs can be folded back folding electric light can be folded
  • Additional features: Removable foot pedal with handbrake
  • 24V12A lead-acid battery can be upgraded to 24V20A standard battery life can be upgraded to 24V20A lithium-ion battery can upgrade to 24V20A lithium-ion battery can upgrade 35 km standard upgrade Double power to enhance the double standard free version of the toilet version