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Dell / Dell PowerEdge R220 E3-1220 8G 1T DVD1U rackmount server

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Product parameters:

  • Memory type: other / other
  • Blade server architecture: 1U
  • Brand: Dell / Dell
  • Model: PowerEdge R220
  • Interface type: other / other
  • Hard disk capacity: other capacity
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Server type: rack

product analysis:

Dell PowerEdge R220 basic data protection and reliability features help to keep your system up and running, and a longer life cycle helps to ensure the stability of IT.Dell PowerEdge R220 is a quiet 1U single server, With shallow depth of chassis and intuitive management features, you can save space and time than the competitor's server is more compact, so you can use a variety of settings to install.

Using the Xeon E3-1220 V3 processor, each core can provide more than 33% of the cache, so that your application to maximize the effectiveness through the support of four memory slots, the maximum can be expanded to 32GB, help The new third-generation PCIe I / O slots also increase the data transfer rate in response to shortened response times.

Special Note:

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2.Customized goods are unified in the receipt of a week or so after the invoice.

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3.Invoice as far as possible and the machine will be sent together, the end of the financial closing period and the individual provinces will appear different line tickets, you can check the status of invoices through customer service.

4.Because the computer is a valuable commodity, in order to ensure the receipt of the security needs of the recipient ID card, to confirm the appearance of good can be assured receipt.

5.After signing out of the box if the three packs are in line with the quality of the provisions of the implementation of Three Guarantees 7Days Baotui 15Day replacement policy.

First, the quality of return Note: strict compliance with the provisions of the national three packs, for hardware quality problems, the implementation of 7Days Baotui, 15Days within the ment, and freight borne by the restaurant.

Second, the quality of Returns conditions: the official engineer or designated after-sales inspection and issue a quality inspection report to confirm the quality of hardware products, only after the return request.

Third, the following situation does not provide goods Returns service

1.Misuse, abuse, improper handling and other human causes of the quality of goods

2.Third-party software and hardware compatibility issues

3.On the appearance, color, configuration and other non-hardware quality problems

4.Personal perception that the quality of products, no official or after-sale to provide test reports

5.More than three bags of the provisions of the exchange period

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2.Only the original packaging is not out of the box does not affect the secondary sales of goods.

3.Out of the box products can not be returned free of charge

4.Buyers bear the goods return shipping.

First, the quality problems or technical problems repair methods

1.Phone repair: Contact Dell National Technical Support Hotline: 400-8811-852or400-885-8555

2.WeChat repair: the WeChat search public number 'Dell technical support' to join.

3.Official website mail repair:

Http: // wwwdellcom / support / incidents / cn / zh / cndhs1 / email / tagchange

4.Official website online chat repair:

Http: // wwwdellcom / support / incidents / cn / en / cndhs1 / chat / tagchange

Second, Dell's repair point in the country:

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Http: // wwwdellcomcn / cis