Dell / Dell PowerEdge R220 E3-1220 8G 1T DVD1U Rack Server

Dell / Dell PowerEdge R220 E3-1220 8G 1T DVD1U Rack Server

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Memory Type: Other / other
  • Blade server architecture: 1U
  • Brand: Dell / Dell
  • Model: PowerEdge R220
  • Interface Type: Other / other
  • Hard drive capacity: Other Capacities
  • Service: Genius
  • Server Type: Rack

product analysis:

Dell PowerEdge R220 basic data protection and reliability features help keep your system running, and long life cycle helps to ensure the stability of the IT department. Dell PowerEdge R220 is a quiet one-way 1U server, with shallow depth of chassis and intuitive management features can save you space and time. more compact than competing server so that you can use to install a variety of settings.

Using Xeon E3-1220 V3 processor, each core can provide more than 33% of the cache, allowing your application to maximize effectiveness. By supporting the four memory slots, the maximum can be expanded to 32GB, help to shorten the response time, the latest third-generation PCIe I / O slots can improve data transfer rates.

Special Note:

1.Some products need to be customized, the production cycle is about5-7Days, the customer receives the product takes about 7-15Business days, can consult the store customer service.

2.Unified customized merchandise mailed about a week after receiving the invoice.

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Second, the quality problems Returns Conditions: official Engineer or designated point of sale inspection and issued quality inspection reports confirm that the product hardware quality problems, may request the return.

Third, the following does not return the provision of goods and services

1.Misuse, abuse, improper operation and other man-made causes storage of goods quality problems

2.Third-party software and hardware compatibility problems

3.The appearance, color, hardware configuration and other non-quality problems

4.Personal perception finds that product quality problems, no official or aftermarket test reports

5.More than three packs a predetermined period returned

1.Shall apply from the date of receipt of goods 7Proposed days.

2.Only the original packaging is not out of the box and does not affect the secondary sales of goods.

3.Has been out of the box products can not be returned free of charge

4.Commodity buyer to send back freight.

First, the quality or technical problems repair method

1.Phone repair: National Contact Dell technical support hotline: 400-8811-852or400-885-8555

2.WeChat repair: the micro-channel public number search 'Dell technical support' to join.

3.Mail repair official website:

4.Official website online chat repair:

Second, Dell repair point in the country:

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