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Apple watch strap iwatch Series2 leather sports metal accessories

Apple watch strap iwatch Series2 leather sports metal accessories
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  • Brand: SMONDOR / Simon Dior
  • Apple watch strap Apple Watch strap Apple wristwatch iwat
  • - '38mm with paragraph buckle' '' section '-' 42mm with table buckle '' Leopard 'section' - '38mm with table buckle' 'wave point models' -' 38mm with a table '' Camouflage '' - '38mm with table buckle' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' Charge '

'New listing' before the 100 , Gift tune strap tool + steel + ultra-thin silicone sleeve + spare screws, but also enjoy the national 包邮 (except Hong Kong, Macao and overseas regions) a limited number of first buy first, early to buy early to make! Please contact customer service)

'The biggest selling point' patented design, Comparable to the original table buckle and design, assembly and disassembly simple and convenient. Be applicable Apple Watch Smart Watch Sports section, strip models, leather models.

'instruction manual'This page is the price of selling a separate strap, excluding the dial included; Strap suitable for dial 42mm and 38mm various specifications, please select the corresponding


Such as 38 and 42mm specifications are not clear, photographed please contact customer service to help you Oh !!


Please do not know the pro-customer service, a surprise Oh