Female Anti-rape device | Alarm | Emergency HuJiuQi | elderly personal alarm equipment | anti-wolf supplies tools

Female Anti-rape device | Alarm | Emergency HuJiuQi | elderly personal alarm equipment | anti-wolf supplies tools

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Kazuma Church
  • Item: Anti-rape device
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 39
  • Color classification: pink, sky blue, pale yellow black
  • Time to market: Fall 2014

Anti-theft snatches female satyr necessary! Elderly necessary! Children's essential! Family necessary! Gently pulling away from danger!!! When the case of criminals attack or other emergency, pull out the control pin, the device that is to send a strong anti-wolf alarm 120 db or more, effective deterrence criminals.

After this product contains batteries, used as received, non-disposable products, can be used continuously until the battery is dead, replace the battery yourself can

Product Name: Egg Anti-rape device

Materials: ABS plastic

Colour: Pink, blue, yellow, black

weight: 28g

size: Long thick 6cm * Width 4.5CM * 2CM (battery models: 12V23A)

volume: 120 db

A small alarm to protect a person's life, so cheap to send their own use of body composition everyone affordable! It was given to her parents, the child gave the mother, lovers give elderly parents, caring person send girlfriend to share. I believe it will give your personal safety, property safety to provide personal and intimate protection.


Against predators: encountered satyr, small zipper pull balls on the head, the balls will be issued immediately close to the 120 db alarm sound, hey, making it a satyr ran, maybe timid point directly scared belch fart ......

Care for the elderly: the elderly who have a sudden illness, sudden illness at night for immediate alarm, informing the sleeping family, the elderly (or jogging) when traveling abroad in case you can set aside the metal rod personal alarm will be issued alarm, one kilometer near the people heard'll come to see, in the end what is so noisy ......

Alarm principle, the primary role of this product is not sound the alarm to get relief, but a deterrent, we have heard a word, a guilty conscience, yes, as long as people do bad things are psychological virtual hair, so when someone evil hand stretched to you, suddenly it sounded high-decibel alarm sounds, what his first reaction was it? definitely running, so this is the main principle of alarm, followed by the sound caused attention of people around, to obtain relief! I wish everyone safe