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DN15 fire sprinklers | 68 degrees on the spray under the spray | vertical nozzle | normally closed drooping nozzle | Flow 80

DN15 fire sprinklers | 68 degrees on the spray under the spray | vertical nozzle | normally closed drooping nozzle | Flow 80
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ZSTX-15 type droop nozzle (under the spray)

The state compulsory fire CCCF certification, the product factory test pressure of 30MPA, excellent quality is our quality protection!

In the event of a fire, the fire water is sprinkled evenly through the sprinkler, which controls the fire in a certain area.

A. droop type sprinkler

Sagging nozzle is the use of a wide range of a nozzle, drooping installed in the water supply pipe, the shape of the water for the parabolic type, the total water of 80 to 99The protection of the ceiling of the room, arranged in the ceiling below the nozzle, should be used to drop the nozzle or ceiling nozzle.

B. vertical sprinkler

The vertical nozzle is installed upright on the water supply branch pipe. The sprinkler shape is parabolic type, and the total water quantity is sprayed down from 80 to 99%. At the same time, some of the spray is sprayed to the ceiling, which is suitable for installation. The warehouse can also be concealed in the roof of the ceiling of the room to protect the roof of the ceiling with more flammable materials. (Do not make the ceiling, when the water distribution pipe is arranged under the beam, it should be upright. Parts, should be used with a protective cover nozzle or ceiling nozzle)

C. ordinary new sprinkler

Ordinary sprinkler can be installed directly, but also sagging installed in the water pipe network, the total water volume of 40% - 60% down spray, the larger part of the spray to the ceiling. For restaurants, shops, warehouses, underground garage Place (now less common use)

D. Side wall type sprinkler

Side wall type sprinkler wall installation, suitable for space distribution difficult place to install, mainly for offices, foyers, lounges, corridors and other buildings and other light dangerous parts of the roof for the level of light risk level, the risk level Class I room and office, can be used side wall type nozzle.

Above can refer to GB50084-2001, automatic sprinkler system design specifications

Spray protection area between 10 and 20 square meters Smoke alarm protection area of ​​20 square feet

Extinguishing agent: Sprinkler
product name:
ZSTZ 15/68 ° C (3mm glass ball) sprinkler

ZSTB-15/68 ° C (5mm glass ball) sprinkler

Weight: 0.04KG / month

Product Description: First, the characteristics:
Sagging nozzle by the zinc alloy frame, temperature glass ball, sealing components and other components, compact structure, beautiful appearance.
1, the nozzle frame with high quality copper rods, sub-forging forming, high strength, corrosion resistance, the surface by polished chrome plating.
2, spray down, splash pan should be installed vertically down. Can be combined with the decorative ring, heat shield, etc. installed together.
Second, the main technical parameters:
1, nominal caliber: 15mm, interface thread: R1 / 2. (4 points = 15MM)
2, the flow characteristic coefficient: K = 80 ± 4.
3, the nominal operating temperature: 57 ℃, 68 ℃, 79 ℃, 93 ℃.
4, rated working pressure: 1.2MPa, factory sealed test pressure: 3.2MPa.100% detection.
5, the nozzle down the amount of water spray: 97%.
6, special response (with T said) Φ5mm glass ball, the response time coefficient: 50< RTI≤80.

There is a ceiling to buy spray recommended package to buy adjustable decorative plate