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HP Direct Attached Disk Enclosure | Direct Attached Storage | Disk Array NAS D3700 25 Tray QW967A

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  • Level 2 cache capacity: other
  • Memory type: other / other
  • Blade server architecture: Other / other
  • Brand: HP / HP
  • HP server model: QW967A
  • Interface type: other / other
  • The maximum number of CPUs supported:
  • Standard memory: other / other
  • Hard disk capacity: other capacity
  • Processor clock speed: 2.26GHz
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Server type: rack
  • Processor Type: Other

Can your storage capacity meet your business needs? Grow your storage needs for SMBs by deploying the HP D3000 Enclosure, a new generation of low-cost, high-capacity 12 Gb SAS external tiered storage systems The HP D3000 chassis is ideal for small application environments, remote offices and branch offices.

The new 12 Gb SAS enclosure (large (LFF) D3600 with 12 drive bays and a small (SFF) D3700 with 25 drive bays) provides a flexible modular solution that simplifies the deployment of HP ProLiant servers and HP BladeSystem environments Capacity expansion of external storage devices without having to migrate to a SAN or NAS system all at once so you can buy capacity as you need it and buy additional capacity as your data storage needs grow.

D3000 Enclosure Support HP SmartDrive Carrier. Purchase and maintain an HP ProLiant Drive Universal Kit for Gen8 / 9 ProLiant servers.

The total amount of support can be expanded to 96 LFF or 200 SFF drives.


Affordable storage devices to meet capacity needs

HP D3000 Chassis 12 Gb SAS supports higher / faster data rates, doubling the current transfer rate of 6 Gb solutions, providing critical bandwidth.

The modular platform provides investment protection, enabling you to procure and plan for the future based on your current needs, with no hidden administrative overhead.

Enterprise-class dual-port SAS drives increase data speeds and are freely selectable based on needs and budget.

Provide a higher level of redundancy and reliability, thereby reducing the single point of failure within the storage network.

Flexible, scalable room for growth

The HP D3000 chassis allows you to mix and match SAS, SATA, and SSDs flexibly within the same chassis and extend the benefits of tiered storage to direct-connect customers.

The D3600 LFF is expandable to up to 96 drives and is designed to provide customers with the space to grow as storage requirements grow, and up to eight additional D3600 large (LFF) enclosures can be connected via a single controller port Together.

With the D3700 SFF, up to 200 drives can be added, or up to 8 small (SFF) enclosures can be connected to a single controller port.

With the Gen8 / 9 Smart Array Controller, you can scale up to four D3600s and four D3700s (four LFFs and four SFFs) and expand to a maximum of 148 drives with the D3600 and D3700 chassis.

Solid State Drives are supported on the D3700 to support up to 25 drives per Smart Array controller.

Easy to manage

The HP D3000 chassis supports the HP SmartDrive Carrier (Gen8 ProLiant drive), which supports a common drive for Gen8 / 9 ProLiant servers and D3000 enclosures.

The HP D3000 enclosure uses common HP ProLiant management tools, including HP Systems Insight Manager and HP Array Configuration Utility (ACU) software.

The HP D3000 chassis is compatible with some HP Smart Array SAS controllers and HBAs.

Chassis management requires little or no IT expertise.

HP StoreVirtual VSA Software: With the HP StoreVirtual VSA, you can use the power of virtualization to create a virtual array in your host server, manage it as a single shared storage pool, and scale to meet your evolving needs.

Microsoft Windows 2012 storage with Gen9 ProLiant servers and H241 HBAs