NF-806R Line Finder | Line Finder | Network Line Hunter | Network Line Checker |

NF-806R Line Finder | Line Finder | Network Line Hunter | Network Line Checker |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: shrewd mouse
  • Model: NF-806R
  • Item No .: NF-806R
  • Color Classification: Pressure 110v NF-889T NF-806R Red NF-806B blue
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects

Genuine protection special 包邮
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Our company (Guangzhou today Air Electronics Co., Ltd)
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Brand: Shrewd mouse
model: NF-806B
Name: Hunt instrument
Origin: Guangdong Shenzhen
NF-806B 'Checker' is a multipurpose communication line polisher designed based on the long-term practical experience, which breaks through the conventional concept and adopts unique data transmission technology. It has the features of line searching, And line status testing three functions, with fast and accurate features. Is a line maintenance engineering and technical personnel of the utility. Widely used in telephone systems, computer networks and other occasions involving metal wire lines.

Product Features:
◆ telephone line hunt function
◆ network line hunt function
◆ power cable hunt function
◆ Network line sequence proofing function
◆ Line status test function
◆ Low voltage prompt function
◆ headset and volume adjustable function
◆ lighting function
◆ Can be connected to any type of Ethernet switch / router / PC terminal boot situation in the line

typical application:
1. Telecom network line engineering and routine maintenance
2. Computer network line project
3. Other metal wire line engineering and maintenance work

packing list:
1. Transmitter × 1 units
2. Receiver × 1 units
3. 9V battery × 2 pieces
4. Headset × 1
5. RJ-45 adapter × 1 piece
6. Instructions for use × 1 copy
7. Slim mouse special purse × 1
8. 800 series of special BNC adapter × 1
9. Cologne module adapter cable × 1

1. Product Name: Multi-purpose communication network search line - also known as audio line-of-sight;
2. Power specifications: DC, 9V laminated battery;
3. Maximum operating current: ≤ 10mA transmitter ≤ 30mA receiver;
4. Signal transmission format: multi-frequency pulse;
5. Signal output level: 8Vp-p;
6. Signal transmission distance: ≥ 3km;
7. Operating temperature: -20 ~ 50 ℃; Storage temperature: -20 ~ 50 ℃;
8. Audio signal: single audio and dual audio;
9. Body Material: ABS