D / Chuangdeli | Surge Protector Home Lightning Protector ADM5-2P 40KA Lightning Arrestor 220V

D / Chuangdeli | Surge Protector Home Lightning Protector ADM5-2P 40KA Lightning Arrestor 220V

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Chdele / Chuande Li
  • Model: ADM5-2P 40KA C grade

Products: Surge protection (mine) ADM5-2P 40KA This section for the power mine (increase: monitoring equipment can also be used)

TN-C, TN-CS, TT, IT and other power supply system, the power grid due to lightning or lightning protection device (hereinafter referred to as the "protection") for 50/60 Hz, 380V and below TN-S, Surge over-voltage protection.
The role of the surge protector:
Surge protective device uses a non-linear excellent varistor, under normal circumstances, the surge protector outside the state in a very high resistance, leakage is almost zero, to ensure the normal power supply system power.When the power supply system In the event of an overvoltage condition, the surge protector immediately turns on within a nanosecond time period, limiting the magnitude of the overvoltage to the safe operating range of the device and releasing the energy of the overvoltage. Subsequently, the protector quickly becomes high-impedance state, so does not affect the normal power supply system.


  • The visual window color indicates the working status of the protection, green (normal), red (fault)
  • The use of plug-in module design, maintenance is particularly simple and convenient
  • The use of independent intellectual property rights components, zinc oxide varistor
  • The use of patented technology than the protection of metal products module
  • Built-in over-current overheating, temperature control circuit technology
  • Provide remote monitoring switch signal
  • Kevin can be connected, The protector can be replaced without a power failure
  • Flux
  • Residual pressure is very low, can withstand high lightning impact

Surge Protector (Lightning Protection)

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