Chdele surge protection | lightning protection ADM5-2P 40KA home arrester 220V

Chdele surge protection | lightning protection ADM5-2P 40KA home arrester 220V

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Chdele / create Deli
  • Model: ADM5-2P 40KA C grade

Product: Surge Protector (mine) ADM5-2P 40KA This is the power of mine (increase: the monitoring device can also be used)

Description: A surge protector (hereinafter referred to as 'protector') for AC 50 / 60Hz, 380V and below TN-S, TN-C, TN-CS, TT, IT and other power supply system due to lightning or the power grid over-voltage surge protection.
Surge protector role:
Surge protector uses a non-linear characteristic excellent varistor, under normal circumstances, the surge protector outside in a high resistance state, the leakage current is almost zero, to ensure the power supply system is normal. When the power supply system the above scenario when the over-voltage surge protector immediately turned quickly in the nanosecond time, the amplitude of the voltage is too limiting, within the safe operating range of the device, while the over-voltage of the energy released. subsequently, the protector and quickly becomes a high impedance state, and therefore does not affect the normal power supply system.


  • Color of visible window shows operating status, green (normal), red (fault)
  • Using plug modular design, easy maintenance Special
  • Using proprietary components, zinc oxide varistors
  • The patented metal products than protection module
  • Built-in overcurrent overheating, temperature control circuit technology
  • Remote monitoring switch signal
  • Kevin connection can be realized, Can be replaced without power protection
  • Flux
  • Low residual voltage, lightning impulse withstand high

Surge Protector (mine)

Surge Protector (mine) Genuine