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Core by ETS A5 attendance fingerprint attendance machine | Fingerprint punch card machine type fingerprint attendance machine free installation

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Product parameters:

  • Attendance Brand: WITEASY / Core by ETS
  • Model: A5
  • Attendance type: type fingerprint
  • Color Classification: most-favored Moonlight White A3 A5 black matte texture super flagship A7
  • Access authentication method: Fingerprint
  • Service: Genius

Ultra fingerprint attendance machine, factory direct!

Lynx authentic guarantee, the day the cat the best price. We found some friends recently, Taobao buy 'premium' in attendance, was found cottage version. Lynx is the company's business operations have relatively high quality bond, which sells products Manufacturer authorization or brand direct Taobao is a personal act, the margin is only a thousand dollars, copycat version of plagiarism can deceive even one, Taobao punished closed to open a big deal. cheap suffer a great deal of a price for a half. If the price of a product is much lower than others parents who pay attention, where the low cost, and small workshops cottage out naturally lower, these products have quality assurance? do you believe him?

Operation is very simple, the canonical collection, fingers gently touching can be identified, recognition time is less than 0.5 seconds.

High-definition color screen, fingerprint display the fingerprint image display Chinese names, the value of a fingerprint attendance machine Oh!

Use of a time machine requires only three steps:

First, it was received by attendance MENU key to enter the menu prompts acquisition by fingerprint collection must be standardized.

Second, set frequency, per unit per day attendance regulations.

Third, at the end insert U disk directly export the report.

! ETS attendance reported to the new flagship model of the early adopters of the ETS price:!!! 198 yuan

Product size and texture contrast, the new higher-end atmosphere, brushed metal design, ultra-low 4.3-inch color LCD screen, the original back wall compatible backplane Taobao thousand Yuan attendance are lower than the configuration.

The new A7 link

Technical Parameters:
Fingerprint Storage: 600
Attendance Record capacity: 150,000
Communication: USB U disk collection: YES

Fingerprint plane acceptance angle: ± 360 °
Effective collection surface: 16 * 16mm
Authentication methods: fingerprint, password, fingerprint + password
Antistatic strength: <15KV
FRR: ≤0.01%
False Accept Rate: ≤0.0001%
Humidity: 20% -60%
Operating temperature: 0 ℃ -45 ℃
Storage Humidity: 20% -80%
Storage temperature: -10 ℃ -65 ℃
Power consumption: <5W

Fingerprint Time Attendance Caution

1, before using fingerprint collection, fingerprint collection must be finger flat, a little harder, and your finger fingerprint acquisition window as much as possible contact with the acquisition of three center fingers attendance and post as much as possible consistent fingerprint was clearly excellent speed identification is guaranteed. Please identify certain specifications.

2, make sure your fingers clean before use, do not stick oil, to water. Fingers dirty, explosion skin, dry, there will be too cold attendance does not recognize the phenomenon.

3, when used to straighten the finger, the largest possible area of ​​contact with the fingerprint acquisition window, gently pressing to see the display message, and then lift your finger tips when successful attendance.

4. If you are prompted no response is incorrect or the screen, place your finger away, re-pressed. Do not keep your finger on the fingerprint acquisition window. If you use incorrect or three still prompt screen did not respond, please get in with administrator contact, cut attendance mistakenly to carry out any operation.

5, do not press hard on the fingerprint collection window, do not scratch the fingerprint acquisition window with a fingernail or other hard objects. Please ensure that the fingerprint acquisition window cleaning, good dustproof, waterproof, anti-oil work.

6, please ensure that the fingerprint attendance machine environment, do not place it in a cool, humid, high temperature environment.

WIteasy Brand
Shenzhen Rui Autopass Electronics Co., Ltd. is a determined biological identification technology research and application product development, production, consultation, sales, service integration business value.
We use biometric technology, intelligent security technology, modern information technology, to provide users with comprehensive security solutions.
The company has independent intellectual property rights of fingerprint authentication platform to meet different customer requirements product items have been formed are: fingerprint attendance machine, fingerprint access control, time and attendance card machines, card access control machines, consumer machines, binding machines, point notes and other products for the global market, to meet the different needs of customers around the world.
Companies in the industry have an impact since its inception in 2006, the customer recognition and support, with a strong self-confidence, in the field of fingerprint identification with surprising service and efficiency and innovation, has become the leading enterprises.
In 2013 the company forward in the first eight years, with the support of affirmation and partner clients, we take a strong confidence in the fingerprint identification applications with surprising efficiency of service and innovation to our customers to stakeholders transfer value.
All of our people did not know that ETS Rui innovative companies will lose the future, can not pass the value of the company will lose now. In this strong sense of crisis and sense of mission driven innovation and encouragement, we are proud to have gone through a company the first step in entrepreneurship.