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Pregnant women pants pregnant women in summer pants

Pregnant women pants pregnant women in summer pants
Product code: 1240300030
Unit price 4.64$
Sold quantity 7367
Available stock 4238

Product parameters:

  • Thickness: Thin
  • Brand: days hi
  • Series: seven leggings
  • Color Classification: 3203D white (seven folds 3203D black (seven folds 3208D lake blue (seven flat mouth) 3203D orange (seven folds 3208D green (seven flat mouth) 3208D pink (seven flat mouth) 3208D black 3203D Purple (seven fold wrinkles 3203D red (seven fold wrinkles 3203D blue (seven points fold) 3203D purple (seven points fold) 3203D green (seven folds 3208D navy blue 3208D orange (seven flat mouth)
  • Item No .: 3203D
  • size: one size
  • Style: Leggings
  • Pants length: seven pants
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • Fabric: blended

Days hi authentic, the price is low to you can not imagine, high quality, and sixty to seventy dollars than not inferior to grab is to earn!

Colorful multi-color , There are texture, High flexibility, soft and comfortable.

Trouser waist adjustable, stylish hundred Underpants.

Clothing, dress with random, can wear clothing you want to effect.

Dear Mommy: Long section leggings (foot peace peace) Please take a picture in this connection