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Toulas Apple data cable 6 a drag three 5 long charge line 6s mobile phone use Andrews Samsung combo

Product code: -12390800030
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Product parameters:

  • The number of sub-line connector: a drag three
  • Brand: TORRAS / TURAS
  • Length: 1m
  • Length: 1m
  • Color Classification: support three fast charge (dual Apple + Andrews) nylon is more durable, the collection photographed enjoy preferential shipment fast charge upgrade section ※ speed 30% → 1.5 m earth ho gold 'upgrade' three 1.5 m rose gold 'upgrade 'Three fast-charging standard models 1 → 1.5 m Tu Hao' standard 'three 1.5 m rose gold' standard 'three 1.5 m Aurora Silver' standard 'three 1.5 m titanium empty gray' standard 'three fast charge upgrade models 1 meter of gold 'upgrade' 1 m rose gold 'upgrade' 1.5 m earth ho gold 'upgrade' 1.5 m rose gold 'upgrade' fast charge standard models 2 → 1 m soil ho gold 'standard' 1 m rose gold 'standard' 1.5 Standard '1.5 m rose gold' standard '1.5 m titanium empty ash' standard '1.5 m moonlight silver' standard '
  • Interface type: apple lighting Micro USB