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Korean girls wig | air Liu Hai long | realistic large scalp women wig |

Korean girls wig | air Liu Hai long | realistic large scalp women wig |
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: US Lace MLS-hg06
  • Brand: the United States La
  • Wigs single product: MLS-hg06
  • (Genuine matte large scalp) blue-gray (genuine matte large scalp) green gray (genuine matte large scalp) deep gray (genuine matte large scalp) Everbright scalp) Gray gray (genuine matte scalp)
  • Suitable for: fashion women
  • Hair material: high temperature wire
  • Style: sweet and lovely

Pro please note Oh

As the big scalp style workmanship is relatively small, shipping speed is slow, so every time Shipments are relatively small , Now only A small amount of cash , Like the pro please Timely photographed payment Oh, after the sale will enter the pre - sale state!

Two minutes teach you easily identify the wig pros and cons

What kind of wig is good?

Wig worn up is not realistic, natural, mainly from the head, bangs, hair to judge

① What kind of head is good?

Head is actually a simulation of the scalp, Good wig Generally Using simulation of large scalp , Head rounded, natural, top of the scalp is relatively large heart , So wear will look good, not easy to see is false

② what kind of bangs natural? Generally speaking, bangs are not thicker the better, so it will look very natural, A little thin bangs, wearing them will be better , Can also use their own hair volume will be more volume of the bangs of the air a sense of some, so more Korean style, and see personal preferences Oh!

③ judgment on the hair: hair mainly to see how the degree of matte, ordinary matte hair to wear more reflective, it is easy to see is a wig. The real high-temperature wire matt , In the light, the sun will still maintain an excellent degree of matte, will not be seen is a wig.